Best UK Gambling Sites

The online gambling market in the United Kingdom is extremely competitive; and as a result, the overall quality of UK gambling sites is exceptional.

The standard is much higher in this region than in many other parts of the world, and sites have to be pretty special if they are to be considered among the best.

If you live in the UK, this is great news as it means you're very likely to have a positive online gambling experience. However, you still need to make sure that you choose a suitable site for your betting and gaming. The best are very good indeed, but not all meet the same high standards.

RankBest Gambling SitesBonusCasinoPokerSportsVisit Site
UP TO $250
Casino SiteHas Poker RoomsSports Betting Available
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UP TO $1,000
Casino SiteHas Poker RoomsSports Betting Available
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UP TO $1,000
Casino SiteHas Poker RoomsSports Betting Available
Visit Site
4Vegas Casino100%
UP TO $11,000
Casino SiteHas Poker RoomsSports Betting Available
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5Las Vegas USA150%
UP TO $11,000
Casino SiteHas Poker RoomsSports Betting Available
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Comparing UK Gambling Sites

To help make sure that you join only the very best UK gambling sites, we have assessed many of the options and compared what they have to offer. We've rated how they perform in certain key areas and have ranked them accordingly. Our preference is for sites which excel in all types of gambling – casino, sports betting, poker and bingo – but we do consider those that specialize in just one area as well.

We constantly monitor the market to ensure our rankings are accurate and up to date, and we make adjustments as necessary. Our top-ranked recommendation is currently Betway: this site seems to get pretty much everything right. It's not at all surprising that it's one of the most popular options for UK gamblers.

Our Ranking Factors

To make sure that our rankings genuinely reflect the best options available, we carry out extensive research and perform a series of tests. There are several factors that we take into account when compiling our rankings, some of which are more important than others.

The following are the most significant considerations:

Reputation Trophy
Gambling Types
Types of Gambling
Deposit Options
Deposit Options
Speed of Withdrawal
Withdrawal Speed
Friendly to Users
Thumbs Up
Betting Interface
Bonuses & Rewards
Customer Support
Customer Support
Variety of Games
Game Variety

These are by no means the only elements we look at, but they have the greatest effect on how we rank sites. A place that doesn't score very well in most of these areas is simply not good enough for us to recommend.

Benefits of Using Our Recommendations

There are several advantages to using our recommended sites.

Light Bulb

Peace of Mind

A major one is the peace of mind they offer. Each one is properly licensed and regulated; they are subject to a strict code of conduct and are liable for financial penalties, or even criminal punishment, if they do not adhere to the necessary standards.

If you would like to read more about how the United Kingdom regulates online gambling, make sure to read our full article on their laws and regulation. The article goes into detail about both the Gambling Act of 2005 and 2014.

Safety Lock

Safe and Secure

You can rest assured that all of our top-ranked sites are completely safe and secure. They have well-established reputations and are perfectly trustworthy. These are not the sorts of operations that would do a disappearing act with your money. They treat their customers well, and you are extremely unlikely to encounter any major problems with any of them.

Even if you do have issues, you can expect them to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. We always test customer support and make sure it's up to par before recommending a site. We also check that depositing and withdrawing are handled as they should be, so we know you'll have no trouble getting funds in and out of your account.


Extra Value

Another benefit is the extra value you can take advantage of. We look very closely at the bonuses and rewards on offer when assessing gambling sites, and we expect them to be decent. It's all very well to offer a huge signup bonus, but if the associated terms and conditions are really strict, it may not actually have any value at all.

Our top recommendations genuinely provide added value. They all offer attractive signup bonuses, which is reason enough to open an account and try them out for yourself. You can expect extra bonuses and rewards based on your ongoing activity as well, a big plus if you play and bet regularly.

Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service

Perhaps the single biggest benefit of using our recommendations is simply the good overall customer experience they provide. We believe that all offer an excellent online gambling experience, and we're very confident that you'll be more than satisfied if you decide to join any one of them. We don't think there are any better options currently out there right now.