Online Bingo Rules and Strategy

Bingo is a unique gambling game that is well accepted by a variety of audiences.

Unlike most gambling games that primarily target a flashy casino atmosphere, bingo has been viewed as a family game. Although bingo appeals to the casino gambling industry, it is also played in churches and by a variety of charitable organizations.

With the extreme allure of live bingo, it's no surprise that online bingo has become an increasingly popular casino game of online gambling sites. Online bingo provides all of the action of other gambling games without too much fast-paced intensity. This is what draws the diverse gambling crowd. Men and women, young and old, bingo is the perfect game for anyone.

Bingo Rules

Bingo is an easy game to learn. There are very few rules and these rules are not complicated.

Basic bingo centers around a scorecard and a "caller." The scorecard consists of a 5x5 grid with the letters "B-I-N-G-O" at the top to mark each of the five columns. The boxes of the bingo grid are each marked with a different number, and no two scorecards are the same. Each of these numbers correspond with one of the letters above (B, I, N, G or O). For example, one bingo space may be termed "B-5."

The caller announces one space at a time, which is drawn at random. If that space (for example, B-5) appears on your bingo scorecard, you mark the space with a chip. This process continues until the marked spaces on your scorecard form a predetermined pattern, at which point you have "bingo."

At this point, you yell out "BINGO" to acknowledge that you have formed the pattern. This is very important because if two people get bingo at on the same turn, the first person to yell "bingo" is declared the winner.

Lucky for you, most online gambling sites do not require you to scream "bingo." Casino sites usually have a button you simply click, or sometimes it is all done automatically. If they have an automatic option, use it. Some of the patterns can get pretty obscure, and this way you won't miss a bingo.

Bingo Patterns

The most traditional pattern in bingo is a straight line. This line can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal as long as it is five spaces long. Throughout time various other patterns have sprung up and become popular. Below are some common bingo patterns.

Blackout - all spaces on scorecard (also called Cover-All, Full Card or Full House)

Two Lines

Four Corners

Center Cross

Letters (C, E, F, L, N, O, T, X, Y)

Postage Stamp - 2x2 section in a corner

Double Stamps - two postage stamps (Triple Stamps are also played)

Clover Leaf - four postage stamps, one in each corner

Plus Sign - vertical line and horizontal line that cross the middle space

Picture Frame - all spaces around the outside

Roving Square - 3x3 section

Roving Kite - 3x3 diamond

Inner Square - 4x4 section

Kite - a postage stamp with a trailing horizontal line

Picnic Table - top vertical line and an X

Railroad Tracks - vertical lines under the I and G

Bars - vertical lines under the B, N and O

Checkers - every other space marked

Other bingo patterns exist, but these are some of the most commonly played.

Bingo Strategy

In bingo there is no way to control which numbers are called; this part of the game relies on luck. However, you can choose where and how you play your game. Below are some tips to help you play your best bingo, but you can see the full bingo advice at our Bingo Strategy page.

Play Varying Scorecards

Your chances of hitting a bingo are obviously better with more than one scorecard. If you play multiple bingo cards, play cards that vary from one another as much as possible. Your chances of hitting more often increases with a larger variety of numbers. If one card doesn't hit, another one just might.

Play At Reliable Sites

As with any online casino or online gambling game, choose reputable sites. Select a site that is well established and dependable. If you can find an online gambling site that offers the automatic feature, take full advantage. Having your scorecard automatically marked for you ensures that you will never miss a space or a bingo.

Play Online

Playing bingo at an online gambling site also offers other strategic advantages. Compared to live bingo, playing online bingo at gambling sites allows you to control more scorecards than you could in person. The automatic function mentioned above allows the player to rest assured that not even one of his scorecards will be overlooked. In addition, every online gambling site offers one of the most convenient advantages to live casinos - gambling from the luxury of home. Visit our online bingo websites section for information on the internet's top bingo halls.

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