USA Real Money Online Casinos

The United States has taken an unfavorable stance toward online casino gambling, but current legislation does not actually outlaw the use of online gambling sites. In fact, there are hundreds of quality online casinos still accepting real money deposits from US players.

These three casino sites offer the best online gambling experience anywhere on the internet. Bovada Casino is directed solely at USA players and does not even accept customers outside the country. This section is intended to provide an overview of USA casinos and clear up much of the uncertainty surrounding this topic. We also offer a separate section dedicated to finding the best online casinos.

Casino Sites vs. Gambling Sites

The terms "casino" and "gambling" are often used interchangeably, but online casinos actually represent a specific type of gambling website.

Casino sites offer a variety of table games and online slot machines. You will find popular casino games like blackjack, roulette, craps, video poker and hundreds of others, though online slots tend to be the favorite of many US gamblers.

Online gambling sites, also known as all-in-one gambling sites, offer a variety of different gambling categories. These websites typically have the following: Casino Gambling, Online Poker, Sports Betting, and possibly Horse Racing. The advantage of these all-in-one online gambling sites is that you do not have to register at a new site or set up a new account to participate in any of these betting activities; you can simply roll your money over from one section to the next.

One concern of many betters is that the quality of each section may suffer at gambling sites attempting to offer too many options. This is a valid issue we have found at many of these websites, and something we examine carefully when determining the best online gambling sites for USA players use. All of the websites and casinos at are the best in the industry.

Legality of USA Online Casinos

There is a lot of misinformation regarding the legality of USA online casinos. Have you ever wondered why some online gambling sites accept US players while others do not? The legal issues surround gambling online have been a topic of debate among many Americans.

We offer a detailed section about online gambling laws in the United States, but the summary is this:

The Federal Wire Act was passed in 1961 which was said to outlaw online gambling in the US. Subsequent legislation, including a formal 2011 statement by the US Department of Justice, declared that the Wire Act only applies to bets on sporting events.

It was actually a 2006 law that caused much of the confusion. This law, known as the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act), made it illegal for banks to accept real money transactions to online gambling sites. This led some of the major online casinos to ban USA players. Many other gambling websites stood up to the US government and stated that they would still accept Americans. The argument is that this law applies to the banks, and while the UIGEA forbade "unlawful internet gambling," it failed to define this term.

This all sounds confusing, but think of it like this: Let's say the government made a new law stating that neighborhoods cannot have people who "walk too fast." In this example, the neighborhood is the online casino. Unless there is a law that clearly defines a speed limit for walking, the phrase "walk too fast" is meaningless, and the neighborhood can argue that no laws are being broken by having fast walkers. This is the same concept behind the phrase "unlawful internet gambling."

In conclusion, while online gambling laws are not entirely clear, it is not illegal to gamble online in the US. It is illegal for banks to accept deposits to gambling websites, but the act of online gambling itself is not unlawful. We do have to inform you that we are not lawyers, and this is not legal advice.

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Future of US Casino Sites

The future of casino sites in the US is an exciting topic.

There have been several bills passed that support online gambling, and even more are still in the development phase. We are also seeing state-specific laws allowing for the use of online gambling sites and casinos.

Today, depositing remains the main obstacle for US players at online casino sites. US-friendly casinos have focused on this issue specifically and offer a wide variety of depositing methods. Many players use credit and debit cards, but there are also electronic wallets (e-wallets) that are easy to set up and make depositing fast and efficient.

The next few years will likely bring major changes for US gamblers. Members of Congress are pushing for the full legalization of online casinos operating within the country. The business done at these sites could be taxed and contribute substantial revenue to the US government. In the near future we may see a Bellagio Online Casino, or MGM Grand Online Poker Rooms. This would be a huge advance in gambling as all US casino sites would be licensed and regulated, forced to offer fair game odds. This would solve the issue of depositing and eliminate the fear of not being paid.

Online Casino Caution

If you look at another review site you will likely find a different list of recommended casinos than you see here.

The reason is simply the vast number of casino sites out there. We have seen one online casino after another come and go, often with the money of their players and advertisers. Some of these online casinos are actually still operating under different names. Players from the US are especially at risk since online gambling laws prevent the ownership and operation of casino sites within the States.

The importance of choosing a reputable site for your online gambling cannot be overstressed

We can't speak for other reviewers, but a verifiable reputation of being trustworthy is our number one concern when it comes to recommending an online gambling site. Huge bonuses and rewards mean nothing if you can't trust the site. Stick with the gambling sites we recommend and use caution; trust your instincts.