Incomplete list of Super Bowl Party Proposition Bets 2017

Super Bowl 51 arrives on Sunday, giving fans a surprisingly appealing showdown between the NFL's top scoring offense (Atlanta Falcons) and the top scoring defense (New England Patriots). Along with those classic "offense vs. defense" arguments, Super Bowl LI is slated to offer serious offensive upside, as well as major star power.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are back in the league's title game for an insane seventh time as they try to make history by securing a fifth Lombardi Trophy. On the flip side, we're bound to see history if the Falcons win, too, as Atlanta would be netting the first ever Super Bowl win with the upset.

Those storylines alone should keep most die hard NFL fans glued to the screen on Super Bowl Sunday, but there is still a giant number of pro football fans who are left wanting more. Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers fans specifically are probably left sulking on Twitter with #NotMySuperBowl tweets, while 30 other NFL fan bases are already looking ahead to the 2017 NFL Draft.

Suffice to say, Super Bowl 51 could be a huge borefest if you're not careful.

You're still watching the game and bound to be at a Super Bowl party, however, so it should make sense to keep things interesting - even if you don't care about the game, itself. One way to do that is to bet on the game on one of our favorite Super Bowl betting sites, or you can conduct some Super Bowl party prop bets by yourself.

Some Super Bowl betting websites have prop bet lists you can download and fill out amongst your family and friends, or you can get real proactive and create one yourself. If you opt for the latter, here's a few fun Super Bowl party proposition bets to get the ball rolling:

Phone Charge Prop Bet

Total number of guests who will ask if they can plug their phone in somewhere.

Super Bowl 51 is slated to potentially be a shootout, making the UNDER a safe play. Of course, if either team opens up a large lead early, expect some guests to look for alternate means of entertainment, making requests for empty outlets inevitable.

You could always adopt cinema/judicial court rules for your bash, and require all cell phones shut off for the duration of their stay. Adjust your Total and odds based on the guest count at your Super Bowl party.

Broken Chip Prop Bet

Total number of times a guest will break off half a chip in the dip, leaving it to become a soggy addition to your next scoop.

This comes down to the DPSI (Dipping Pounds per Square Inch) of the chips on hand at your get-together. The rigidity feel of brands such as Ruffles and Fritos would favor the UNDER. A majority of Lays, generic brand, and corn chips make the OVER a very lucrative pick. Can't forget to factor in late additions from guests bringing in their own bags. Coin flip here.

Early Guest Exit Prop Bet

Quarter first guest leaves after getting free beer and food (Leaving at halftime or between quarters results in a TIE)

"Freeloader guest" is usually courteous enough to stay through the 1st Quarter before leaving. If you had a professionally catered spread, the 3rd Quarter is an enticing play. The 4th Quarter at (+2500) is also very tempting, though it would probably require a wide variety of beer, both in bottle and on tap, to make "freeloader guest" stay for the duration.

Beverage Spill Prop Bet

Total number of spilled beverages (spill must be admitted to by the perpetrator).

OVERall square footage of the host home is critical to handicapping this play. The smaller residences will offer fewer opportunities for spillers to sneak away undetected. Tough call here. You're on your own.

Beverage Spill Count Prop Bet

Total number of spilled beverages (found during the game - unclaimed).

The analysis stays the same here, just make sure you get the count right. Leave no spilled beverage unaccounted for.

Math Nerd Pool Prop Bet

Total number of times "math guest" will explain how each team can score in order for him to win the football pool.

This prop is a bit tricky. The OVER is usually a good bet here, unless of course "math guest" is the leading favorite during a majority of the game, in which case the UNDER will triumph. Either way "math guest" will give you an earful of scoring scenarios throughout the game, but only ones involving his chances count towards this total. Proceed with caution.

Anti-Fan Score Prop Bet

Total number of times "non-sports fan" guest will ask, "What's the score?"

The number of uninvited guests and females will tilt this wager substantially in one direction. Hard call, but taking a head count and placing bet as close to kickoff time as possible is suggested.

Anti-Fan Points Prop Bet

Total number of times "non-sports fan" guest will ask, "How many points do you get for that?"

Bet strategy point explanations on dry erase boards and place strategically around the room. Cover all bases by writing in several languages. Done right, the UNDER is a sure bet.

Smoker Fire Prop Bet

Will any guests go out back for a smoke, but not wanting to miss a snap, stand in the doorway and extend their arm outside, then accidently drag their cig against your drapes, resulting in multiple small burns to the fabric and carpet?

Don't let the NO at (+2500) tempt you. There are far better longshots to play than this. The YES has won here in 26 of the last 28 Super Bowls. If "clumsy guest" doesn't do it in the 1st half, "drunk guest" is sure to do it in the 2nd half. This is my 4 star lock bet of the year once again, an unprecedented 17 years straight.

Which will occur most often?

Tom Brady will cry and party guests will need to use freshen up. Another toss up here. I think Brady wins in a tight race 23-22.

Which will occur most often?

I've seen this bet go both ways OVER the years. Stay clear of this bet.

Tom Brady Hater Prop Bet

Total number of negative comments made about Tom Brady by "hater" guests.

This is a stone cold lock OVER 20 play for any parties held outside the greater New England area. Bets within are pointless and always end in a push.

Tom Brady Deflategate Joke Prop Bet

Total number guests who will attempt to say something funny about Tom Brady deflating balls.

"Everybody's a comedian". That's what they say. OVER 5 is surely the play.

Dallas Apologist Prop Bet

Total number of excuses Dallas Cowboys Fan guest will give for playoff loss.

Vegas oddsmakers may be off on this prop. Cowboys fan(s) are inevitably going to be present at any SB party, but after running their mouths all season, most might be humbled enough to not broach the subject. YA RIGHT! Don't mind the (-2500) payout. Take the OVER to the bank.