Bingo Strategy and Tips

Bingo is a structured game with fixed odds that cannot be altered, but there is still various strategy that can be applied to give you the best chance of winning. Even though you can't control the numbers that are called, there is actually some skill involved in becoming a better bingo player.

Bingo is interesting in that, despite the complete randomness of the game, beginners are not necessarily as likely to win as experienced bingo players. Skilled bingo players know which bingo games to play, how many scorecards to purchase, and which automatic functions to use when playing bingo online.

The Right Bingo Room

The first step to bingo success is to know which games to play. Finding the right bingo hall or online bingo sites can make a huge difference in your chances of winning and how much money you stand to win.

The right bingo rooms are a function of the number of players and the size of the prize pool. This is usually a balancing act, as more players often mean a larger prize pool, but less chance of winning. On the other hand, bingo rooms with a fewer number of players will give you a greater chance of winning, but do not usually offer the best jackpots. Ideally, you want bingo halls or bingo gambling sites with the fewest number of players and the largest potential prize money.

Playing Multiple Cards

Perhaps the biggest factor affecting your odds of winning is deciding how many bingo cards to buy. Most live bingo halls and online bingo sites allow you to either play a single bingo card or to purchase multiple cards. This decision should be made based on the cost of a scorecard compared to the prize pool, and how many bingo cards you can realistically play at one time without missing any numbers.

Purchasing multiple bingo cards will increase your chances of winning, and is often a strategy used by players. You should weigh the price of each card against the total number of cards in play and the possible prize money. If the prize pool is small, it may not be worth your money to purchase multiple cards. Remember, more cards will increase your chances of winning, but be aware that you still may lose. Also, buying multiple bingo cards will lower your expected return, since you are betting extra money for the same prize pool.

Another concern is making sure you do not overextend yourself. It is amazing how often players don't realize they have bingo until it is too late because they purchase too many scorecards. Online bingo sites offer automated features to keep track of your cards for you, but live bingo players are on their own.

Lastly, you should realize that a single game of bingo may not be limited to a single pattern; multiple jackpots may be available. For example, one player may call a T on their way to a blackout. Similarly, patterns are not limited to one bingo card. Giant bingo is a straight-line form of bingo that extends from one card to another. Consider all the potential jackpots when deciding on your bingo strategy.

Auto-Daub and Auto-Bingo Features

Automated features are a strategy that only applies to online bingo. All online bingo sites offer the auto-daub option for your bingo cards. This means that the bingo site's software will automatically mark your scorecard every time a number is called. Auto-daub is a must for players with multiple bingo cards.

The auto-bingo feature is similar. This function keeps track of your cards and claims bingo for you once you match a winning pattern. Auto-bingo is especially good for online bingo games with several winning patterns.

Overlapping Cards

Some online bingo sites give players the option of assessing their bingo cards and requesting new ones before the game begins. A lot of bingo players try to manipulate their scorecard selection to give themselves a better chance of winning. This bingo strategy is based on overlapping numbers and has two schools of thought.

Some bingo players try to avoid having the same numbers on multiple scorecards. The thought is that scattering the numbers between multiple bingo cards will also scatter the risk. This is considered to be a more conservative approach.

The alternative bingo strategy is to intentionally select scorecards with overlapping numbers. This is known as the "numbers-concentrated" method and is considered to be a riskier, more aggressive approach. If your numbers overlap, it allows you to maximize the outcome of a lucky drawing; on the other hand, all bingo cards may miss if the wrong number is called.

In reality, it doesn't make a difference which approach you take; neither bingo strategy affects your odds of winning. If the bingo hall only plays one winning pattern, then there will only be one winning bingo card (assuming no ties). Let's say there are 100 total bingo cards, and you purchase five. You have no impact over which numbers are called, and you will have a 5% chance (5/100) of buying the single winning bingo card no matter what.

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