Worst Casino Game Odds

Some casino games do a great job in creating game variety, but the large house advantage makes them poor options for players hoping to win a little money. These games are fine choices for anyone merely looking for an exciting gambling experience, but beyond that they are probably best avoided.

The draw of bad odds casino games is that they tend to have the potential of paying huge sums of money. The main jackpot in keno can be astronomical, but your chances of winning it are similar to winning the state lottery. Below are the casino games with the absolute worst player odds.

Keno Odds

House Edge: 25%

Keno provides the worst betting odds of all casino games. There is a large house advantage to compensate for the square footage required to house a keno lounge. Casinos require players to choose a minimum of nine numbers from a pool of 80. The chance of matching all nine numbers is a little less than 1 in 1.3 million. These odds are even worse as you choose more numbers.

There are few differences when play keno at an online gambling site compared to a land casino. Variations include:

Online casinos require players to choose a minimum of 10 numbers rather than nine. Some even require 15.

Tickets can be bought for only one credit online, where as land casinos charge two credits.

While live keno jackpots can reach 250,000 credits, online keno jackpots are typically lower.

So which form of keno is better: live or online? The answer is simple: neither. The potential for a huge payout and the simplicity of this lottery-style game draw many players, but your money is better spent at other casino gambling games. There is no strategy that can increase your odds, so unless you truly enjoy the experience of play Keno, avoid this game.

Roulette Odds

House Edge: 5.26% (American)
House Edge: 2.7% (European)

Roulette is another game based solely on luck and is not influenced by strategy, other than placing the proper bets. Roulette is one of the most well-known casino games and offers the possibility of winning up to 35 times your initial bet. There are two versions of roulette: American and European. They are completely identical except American roulette has an extra green slot marked "00." This is the reason behind the larger house edge of the American version.

The roulette wheel is divided into either 37 or 38 slots, depending on which version you play. The house edge is calculated like this:

Single Zero Roulette (European):
(35 - 36)/37 x 100 = -2.7%

Double Zero Roulette (American):
(35 - 37)/38 x 100 = -5.26%

The best bets to place in Roulette are "even money" bets, or those with a payout ratio of 1:1. These include Red, Black, Even, Odd, High or Low bets. While you do not stand as much to gain from a win, your overall odds are better than the high-risk bets. For example, you stand a 48.6% chance of winning an even-money bet in European roulette, while a single number bet will only win 2.7% of the time.

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