Increase Your Chances of Winning Long Term Betting on Sports

It's not easy to win consistently in the sports betting world. In a previous article we mentioned how you have to win over 52% of your bets when betting straight bets, also known as point spread bets.

This is because every time you place a bet, you bet 110 to win 100, or 11 to win 10.

But what if you could reduce the required winning percentage to 51.67%?

Or maybe even 51.22%? That would make it a little easier to win over the long haul. If you can flip a coin and expect a 50% win rate in the long term, shouldn't you be able to hit 51.67 or 51.22 percent with some knowledge and research?

Well, you can reduce your required break even win percentage. All you have to do is find somewhere that offers 107 to win 100 or 105 to win 100. And these places exist on the internet. Not only do they exist, but they are large, trustworthy sports books providing these odds.

You might ask yourself, why would they be offering these lower vig or juice lines? The first reason is competition. The internet has changed the world of sports betting. There are dozens of internet sports books. And it's very easy for the customer to shop around. The second reason they can offer a lower juice line is internet sports books expenses are lower than brick and mortar sports books.

An internet sports book does not need as many employees, which means less payroll, less expense for benefits, less vacation time, etc. Other expenses like rent, power, insurance and many others are also reduced.So where do you find these reduced juice sports books? Below is a list of 3 of the top reputable sports books offering reduced juice lines:

1. Pinnacle Sports Book offers straight bets at 105 to 100 every day.

During the NFL season they also offer 104 to 100 wagers on NFL games. Pinnacle is consistently rated a top online sports book in both odds and payouts. Pinnacle is located on the Island of Curacao and has been in business since 1998. It is estimated that they take in over a billion dollars a year in sports bets. If you are in the United States, Pinnacle does not offer wagers to U.S. Residents.

2. 5Dimes Sports Book offers straight bets at 105 to 100 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They also offer $0.50 wagers, which is an amazingly low cost way to bet for fun on sports. 5Dimes customer service is not up to the par of Pinnacle and the website is much more of a no frills website. U.S. Residents are allowed to bet with 5Dimes. 5Dimes is located in Costa Rica and has been online since 1996.

3. Heritage Sports Book offers straight bets at 105 and 108 to 100.

Heritage first started as an invite only sports book back in 1996, but is now open to the public, including U.S. Residents. Like 5Dimes, Herritage is also located in Costa Rica. Heritage does not offer the huge variety of sports and bets that Pinnacle and 5Dimes does, but it's not a bad place to start your online betting career at a reduced juice.

An internet search can surely find other reduced juice online sports books, but the above 3 are long time and well respected online companies. If you are new to online betting and want to make winning a little easier, these reduced juice sports books will help. 5Dimes is especially helpful with their low $0.50 minimum bets. You obviously won't make a lot of money betting $0.50 games, but you can get a lot of experience betting on sports at a low price.