How to Win Every Bet with Arbitrage Betting

If you are not familiar with the term arbitrage betting, you are about to learn the only 100% fool proof way to make bets and win. I'll even go a step further and say that you cannot lose with arbitrage betting. It's virtually impossible.

But of course, if arbitrage betting was easy, everyone would do it. It takes patience, research and sometimes even cat-like reflexes. But if you are in a position to take the time to learn about it and then follow up with the discipline to do it, you will be rewarded with guaranteed sports betting wins and income.


First, let's start with what arbitrage means. It's not only a sports betting term. It's a universally used word for a skill used even in the business world.

So, as you can see, this type of thing is done all the time. Imagine just browsing around in a thrift store and you see an old Elvis album for $0.50. It's in great condition and you know if you put it on an auction site or local sales board that someone will want this album for more. You buy it, even though you have no real interest in it. You then post an ad for it and sell it for $20.00. You just performed an arbitrage sale or transaction.

The Basics

Sports betting arbitrage uses the exact same principle as the above Elvis album purchase and sale, except instead of making transactions for an album, you are making sports betting transactions. And instead of buying an album low at one location and selling high at another, you are buying a sports bet on an underdog at one location and buying that same sports bet on the opposite team as an underdog at another location.

Knowing that this is possible is the easy part. Taking advantage of it is the challenge. And unless you live very close to the Las Vegas Strip, where you have access to over 50 sports books, online casinos are the only place you will be able to take advantage of this betting style.

With online sports books you can easily compare lines on dozens and dozens of games at many different sports books from the comfort of your home. No driving around to check lines and place bets. All you do is look for lines that are very close or at one sports book and then compare that line to every other sports book, looking for a sports book that has the opposite team as the underdog than the one you previously found.

These opportunities usually last a very short time. Most for anywhere between 3 and 30 minutes. There are websites that specialize in finding these opportunities and when enough people take advantage of them, the line will change enough to kill the bet.


Here is an example of what you could find on a future event if it ever took place:

Boxing (To Win) Sportsbook 1 Sportsbook 2 Sportsbook 3
Floyd Mayweather -130 -110 110
Conor McGregor 140 120 -120

As you can see, at Sportsbook 1 you can bet on Conor McGregor to win for +140. Bet $100 and win $140 if he wins. But, at Sportsbook 3 the odds are reversed. McGregor is the favorite. How could this happen? Maybe Sportsbook 3 is used a lot by Irish bettors. Maybe Sportsbook 3 had some very large bets on McGregor and needs to try and get some money on Mayweather to even things out. Whatever the case, you can get Mayweather at Sportsbook 3 of +110, or bet $100 to win +110.

So now you are in a guaranteed win situation. If McGregor wins, you win $140, but lose $100 on the Mayweather bet. And if Mayweather wins, you win +110, but lose $100 on the McGregor bet. Of course, you are now hoping for McGregor to win for the larger payoff, but either way you win.

Most arbitrage bettors do not only bet $100 per pick. It's a lot of patience and work to find these opportunities. Most likely an arbitrage bettor would put $1,000 or more on the bets to make it worthwhile. Also, you have to look at every sport. Tennis, soccer, rugby, darts and other non-major sports are all opportunities, especially soccer since it is the most widely played game in the world.


With dozens of successful arbitrage bets every month, just about every day there are opportunities for arbitrage bets. Whether you do all the research and searching yourself or use an online service that assists in finding these bets, sports betting can be a very rare bet that you can win 100% of the time without any type of cheating or questionable tactics.

A simple Google search for "arbitrage betting" or visiting sites like oddsportal or rebelbetting, will help you gather more information and knowledge to decide if arbitrage betting is something you want to do.