How Weather Affects Sports Betting

I once read a study that examined people and their bathing habits. Can you guess what part of the body 70% of Americans fail to wash on a regular basis? Answer: The feet. It's hard to believe that 7 of 10 people go about their daily business with dirty feet, but I guess they do.

Sports bettors have a tendency to overlook certain areas as well. Ask the average sports handicapper what they look at when making their picks and you'll get answers like a team's recent performance, its record against the opposition, injury reports, head to head history, and countless others. The one factor most over looked, and often not taken into consideration by bettors is... Answer: The weather.

How's the Weather Out There?

Weather can influence the outcome of sporting events more than any one player, or any home field advantage, or even a game plan drawn up by the most brilliant minded coach. Professional sports teams understand the impact of the weather. Most employ meteorologists to keep them abreast of climate conditions for each and every city they visit.

Knowing the weather conditions is a must if you're a serious bettor, and choosing a reliable forecasting site is a vital tool.

Look how the weather impacts six sporting events below....and this only scratches the surface. As you will see, the weather can have an adverse effect on even the best of game plans.

Weather and Baseball Betting

Of all the main sports, baseball betting might be affected most by weather. Temperature, precipitation and wind all factor into how a baseball game will be played.

The ball travels further in hot weather, as the baseball becomes more 'elastic' and decompresses more when it meets the bat than in cold weather. All players prefer hotter weather. The colder it gets, the tighter some players become. Staying loose is critical for ballplayers.

Precipitation, most typically rain, can wreak havoc on a baseball game. Pitchers' accuracy can go out the door quick if gripping the baseball becomes a challenge. Slipping and sliding fielders can lose their footing, even while wearing long spike shoes.

Believe it or not wind speed and direction probably has the biggest impact on baseball betting. If a stiff wind is blowing towards the outfield, routine fly balls can turn into home runs. If the wind is blowing in, the opposite is true. This one climate condition can dramatically affect the over/under of a game.

Weather and Football Betting

Rain can cause the best of teams to go down in defeat, and sometimes look foolish doing it. Gripping, kicking, throwing, catching, running, and covering a player on defense can become quite a challenge

Snow can have the same affects as well, not to mention possibly hampering overall accuracy, visibility, and the feel of any contact made with the ball or another player.

Wind is arguably the main weather condition that affects the game, however, providing a dramatic advantage for rushing teams. Teams that prefer passing plays will find windy conditions particularly challenging.

Weather and Soccer Betting

Perhaps the most frequent bad-weather condition in soccer, rain can cause the ball to "skim" or move quicker along the field, perfect for teams that like to pass the ball.

If the rain gets too heavy, however, a field will become waterlogged, slowing the ball down considerably as well as disrupting the passing game. Therefore, it's vital to check not just whether or not it will rain, but how much is likely to fall.

The slippery conditions could also have a big impact on soccer over-under betting. Stinging rain will not just affect a goalkeeper's grip, but also reduce his visibility on long-range shots.

Weather and Tennis Betting

When it comes to tennis, sustained periods of heavy rain result in delays, postponements and interruptions. These can provide a much-needed break for losing players in the midst a match, or delay a game enough to negatively impact the winner's momentum. At Wimbledon, it can lead to the closure of the roof, which in turn will affect the bounce of the ball and benefit indoor-specialists.

Wind can greatly shift how the ball moves, giving an advantage to baseline defenders, but not so much for players who like to "paint the lines".

Weather and Hockey Betting

I can't stress the importance of the temperature when it comes to playing hockey. The arena ice has got to be maintained at or below 32 degrees. Any warmer and a hockey game may end up turning into a water polo match featuring a bunch of toothless guys with sticks. Does a puck float or sink? Anyone?

Weather and Platform Diving Betting

These athletes stand atop a 33 ft. high concrete platform, wearing what amounts to a skimpy pair of skin tight undies. The concentration necessary to focus on executing a flawless dive is crucial.

Any slight change in the weather can throw a competitor off his game during the critical few moments leading up to his dive. A simple light breeze can cause the nipples to harden just enough to create drag during the dive execution and a slight splash upon entrance into the water.


That ripple from the nipple can cause you not to cash.
So, always check the weather and don't lose all your stash.
And please, for the love of God,
wash your feet!