Joining Forces with Other Sports Bettors

At some point in almost every winning sports bettor's career they consider what they could do if they had access to more money to place bets with. If you are winning consistently, wouldn't it be better to bet with more?

This thought leads to many different possibilities. One of these is finding other successful sports bettors and joining forces. This can be two sports bettors working together, all the way up to a large organization of many people, sometimes called a syndicate.

Why Would You Want to Work With Another Sports Bettor?

The biggest reason to consider joining forces with another sports bettor or group of sports bettors is the ability to place higher wagers per game. Here is an example showing how this works.

Using whatever method you choose, you have decided that your standard wager per game is 3% of your bankroll. If you have a $10,000 bankroll your standard bet is $300.

Your new partner also has a bankroll of $10,000 and places wagers of $300 per game. When the two of you combine your bankrolls, you have a total of $20,000, creating a standard bet size of $600. It doesn't matter if you are betting twice as many games, because you are still just wagering a percentage of your total bankroll per game.

Of course this only works if both of you are actually long term winners. If you aren't, it doesn't really matter what size the bets are.

Another big reason to consider working with another sports bettor is the ability to share resources. It takes a great deal of time and effort to stay on top of the sports betting world. When you have two or more people working toward the same goal, much of this work can be shared.

The two of you may be able to bet on more games profitably because you can do the advanced research required to win.


The challenges involved with finding and working with other sports bettors are many. Here are the most common concerns that you need to consider whenever you start looking for someone to join forces with.

The first challenge is finding another person you can trust or group of people who trust each other enough to make it work.

How do you verify if the person you are considering partnering with is actually a long term winner? Of course they probably have records, but it would be pretty easy to create records after the fact that made a gambler look better than he really is.

You may be asking why anyone would do this. What you have to remember if you are really a winning bettor is that you are a rare breed. When people find out you win on a consistent basis they may try to partner with you just so they can gain access to your picks.

Who is going to keep the money and where will it be kept? Will you both have access to all of the money or are you going to balance out accounts on a regular basis?

I suggest that each of you keeps your own bankrolls and even them out once a month. You can do it more often or less often depending on what makes each of you comfortable. The bankrolls don't actually have to be combined in order to enjoy the benefits of a combined bankroll.

I also suggest that each of you list the games and sides you are taking before each wager is made. You can send these to each other via email; you can send text messages, talk on the phone or set up some other easy way to exchange information.

The only down side to this is I prefer not to have a record of this type of activity available on an electronic device. You may or may not feel the same way.

The point is that if this type of relationship is going to work then everything has to be transparent. For it to be transparent all of the parties need to know what the other ones are doing. You can't let the thoughts that one partner is stealing start to enter anyone's mind because it will destroy the partnership.

You can read how this happened to many blackjack teams in a wide range of books. Sports betting is a little easier to control, but once accusations start getting tossed around it usually is the end, whether anyone is stealing or not.

One thing that many blackjack teams do that carries over nicely into the sports betting world is working on a "bank" system. They start with a certain bankroll with the goal to grow it to a particular balance and then break it out. For example, they might play until they double the bankroll and then pay it all out. Then they could start another bank if they wanted, but it created a goal and a place where everyone could exit if they wanted.

Run it Like a Business – Because that's what it is

When you decide to join forces with another sports bettor or group of gamblers, set it up just like a business from the very beginning. Draw up a contract and include everything you can possibly think of.

You need to include exactly what each person is responsible for, what is expected from each person, when and how money will be taken out and how any person can end their involvement with the partnership.

The more you include in the contract the less likely you will have problems down the road.


It can offer many rewards if you find a suitable betting partner or group, but it can also be filled with danger. If you are looking for sports bettors to join forces with, make sure you take your time and find ones that you can form a long term profitable relationship with. And if you find yourself in a bad relationship, get out of it as quickly as possible.