Online Sportsbook Bonuses

Since the inception of the Internet, everything from shopping to gambling can be done online. This has made it extremely convenient for sports bettors, who no longer have to depend on brick and mortar sportsbook outlets. Simply sitting at home any sports fan can place a winning bet online and earn substantial income. Online sportsbook has become very popular and now thousands of websites have been launched to make the best of the increasing demand. There is fierce competition amongst these websites and they almost all use online sportsbook bonuses to entice new sports bettors and for retaining existing clients.

Simple Math

The concept of obtaining free money is never a bad thing; however, you need to understand what online sportsbook bonuses are and how they work. To entice new bettors almost all sportsbook websites offer deposit bonuses when a new account is opened. This bonus will be a percentage of the initial deposit, and most websites offer around 20%. This bonus amount will be added to your betting bankroll. Hence, if you have made a deposit of $1,000, your betting bankroll will be $1,200, if the sportsbook is offering a 20% bonus.

Reload Bonuses

There is another type of online sportsbook bonus for retaining existing bettors. These are reload bonuses, which are given to existing players when they add or reload funds into their account. The reload bonus is similar to deposit bonus, since it is a percentage of amount being deposited. However, reload bonuses are much less than deposit bonuses and most places offer 10%.

Even though online sportsbook bonuses seem quite attractive, the sportsbook websites make sure they do not lose out on their investment by having certain restrictions. To ensure bettors do not simply withdraw the bonus amount as free money, sportsbooks require bettors to use the amount for betting. This is done by imposing a rollover requirement for unlocking the bonus and withdrawing the money. The rollover is usually a multiple of the bonus amount. You can get a head-to-head comparison of all the sports betting bonus types by clicking the link.


For instance, 5x rollover would mean that the bettor must wager five times the bonus amount before asking for a payout. However, both losing and winning wagers are counted for the rollover requirement, so the restriction is not so bad. For example, if you receive a 10% bonus on reloading an amount of $1,000, the bonus amount is $100. If the rollover requirement is 5x, you will have to place sport bets for at least $500. This can be fulfilled by placing 10, $50 bets, or any other multiples for fulfilling the requirement. In addition, it does not matter whether you lose or win the bets you have placed. The only criterion is to place bets worth $500.

Online sportsbook bonuses are promotional offers for enticing bettors to join sports betting sites, and hence the bonus should be only one of the standards to consider while selecting your site. The bonus should actually be the last consideration, as there are much more important aspects to think about before joining an online sportsbook.

Topping the list is the financial status of the sportsbook, which will reflect the ability to pay winners. Judging the financial status is not easy, but there are certain pointers by which you can obtain some idea. Initially, see how long the sportsbook has been operating, and whether there have been any incidents where the website has not paid its winners. Additionally, you can also check out independent rating sites that review sportsbooks.

Next in importance to financial status are the betting options offered by the betting site. Check to see if the sportsbook is offering lines on the games you like to bet on, otherwise there is no point in making a deposit. Secondly, check out the betting limits for the games you would want to bet. If you like to bet big on your favorite game and the sportsbook limits the amount drastically, you might want to see other options. Likewise, you have to check the minimum wager, since you need to have enough finances to meet the website's requirements.

Another important aspect to consider while selecting a sportsbook is how easily you can make a financial transaction, especially if you are a United States resident. Many sportsbooks accept major credit cards, but deposits through credit cards might be rejected by your bank. Sometimes using a debit card might work better than a credit card transaction, and most gambling sites will even include the success rate for different transactions, since it is in their best interest for you to make a deposit. Many sites also utilize e-wallets, wire transfers, and various other methods for making a deposit.

A Quick Try Out

Finally, check out how easy it is for you to use the website and make a bet. For some people, certain websites can prove to be extremely complicated to make a wager. First see if the wagering process is simple and if you are able to easily navigate the site. Many sportsbook websites now offer you a free "test drive" to sample the operations on the site before you sign up. Take time to see if you feel comfortable with navigating the site and operating the betting process. We offer additional information on choosing and navigating these sites at our sports betting articles page.

Fundamental Considerations

Online sportsbook bonuses are definitely attractive offers, but now almost all popular sports betting websites give deposit and reload bonuses. Most of them also offer the same percentage, and hence you need to weigh in the other factors before you sign up with a sportsbook. Return to our homepage for more information on choosing the best betting site.

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