Betting On Sports for a Living

Betting On Sports for a Living

So you think you have what it takes to wager on sports for a living. You have the skill and knowledge, the discipline, and most importantly the bankroll to make sports wagering your full time profession. You've developed a plan and are ready to show the world that you're the best sports handicapper on face of the earth. Before you proceed, let's go over a couple of things.

First off, I am the best sports handicapper on the face of the earth, so you're going to have to live with being number best. More importantly, you're new career choice is going to send your personal relationships down roads you may have never traveled. Before elaborating, I want you to think about everyone you've known in your adult life. This includes all family members, good friends, casual acquaintances, and even co-workers. Really giving it some serious thought, you can probably compile a list containing several hundred names.

Next, imagine that sports wagering were legalized everywhere, tomorrow. Say you were able to bet on any sporting event from a kiosk, in any supermarket, from coast to coast. How many of the people on your list do you think may possibly become gambling addicts because of this new legislation? Let me help you out. The answer is NONE. There isn't anyone at home, sitting on their sofa, watching a ballgame and thinking to themselves, "If only sports betting were legal, I'd put some money on this game." In other words, the people who want to bet are already betting and those who don't...aren't.

For these recreational to non-gamblers, theories have already been developed, feelings have been formed, and opinions have been made about sports betting and the people who bet on sports like me and you. For this reason, their behavior is quite predictable. So too, is their reaction when finding out that you have decided to become a full time sports bettor.

Over the entire 35 years I've spent wagering on sports, not once have I crossed paths with any women who I would label as serious sports bettors. I'm sure they exist (I think). The reason I mention this is because the following breakdown is written from a male point of view. I don't know if the following would apply to a female bettor. As soon as I find one, I'll see about sitting her down for an in-depth interview, and publish my findings at a later date.

Following are the typical reactions from five groups of people concerning your new job. I've also included recommendations on handle each.


The Family

I'm not talking about your wife and kids, I mean your parents, siblings, and any other relatives that you are close with. This is the only group of people who've been privy to your wagering from the start.

The Reaction - They knew you before sports wagering entered your life and no matter how successful you've been at your hobby (soon to be career), understandably there will always be some level of concern. Hopefully, your betting past hasn't taken you down roads that have put a strain on your family. If so, you're doomed. News that you're going to be betting for a living will only bring scorn. If not, and you've been a responsible bettor, always placing family first, then you're still doomed. Any downturn in your life, financial or otherwise will be somehow connected to your betting.

The Recommendation - Have a couple of backup careers you can use as a front. Ecommerce consultant, copywriter, and software tester are jobs easy to slip into and pretty much self-explanatory, so no further inquiries will be made.


The Other Family

This is your family. Your wife, kids, stepchildren, pets, and any live-in maids or butlers (Not like that guy from "Driving Miss Daisy" , but more like Mr. Belvedere or Alice from the Brady Bunch)

The Reaction - First of all, if you are married, then I must assume that sports' betting was a part of your life prior tying the knot. That being said, your significant other must have reached some sort of acceptance towards your hobby. Now that it's going to be your full time endeavor, her attitude will change. The degree of this change will depend solely on you being able to provide the same lifestyle that your family had been accustomed to. This goes well beyond your financial position, as you must be able to devote the same amount of your time to the family as well. ANY change from the norm will be blamed on your new sports betting career. ANY!

The Recommendation - Have a plan. Have a good sum of money set aside. Have a space you can go for peace and quiet. As for your anniversary, Valentine's Day, and the wife's birthday, I have but three simple words...Unique... Elaborate... Expensive.



For the following advice a "girlfriend" will be defined as someone you've been involved with for less than 2 1/2 years and who doesn't reside under the same roof as you. If either is not true, they're reaction will fall under the family section in #2 above.

The Reaction - Reaction depends upon how forthcoming you've been in regards to your sports betting. If you've been open, your new career path will get a somewhat reserved reception. If your sport betting has been kept on the "down low", it's hard to say what type of backlash you'll get. Surprise and shock for certain. After that is anybody's guess. You're on your own.

The Recommendation - My best piece of advice for any single sports bettor is to be open with your gambling, and it is a real benefit to be on a hot streak during the first month of getting to know any potential longtime companion. This may be your only hope for changing the views of the non-gambler. Of course if that "hope" was given a money line, you're probably looking at somewhere around (+23000).


Friends and Acquaintances

This lot includes anyone you've known for over 6 mos. and have had some sort of regular contact with, whether currently or in the past.

The Reaction - You are now "the gambler". The jokes and ribbing will be non-stop, but it's not all fun and games as you will now be looked to for advice by the casual sports bettor. It's an unavoidable pressure that comes along with your new official title. Live with it.

The Recommendation - I would advise using the same approach as my recommendation for #1, if it weren't for the fact that this group is the only one that you can gloat to during a hot streak, or following a successful season. Simply ride the jokes, take the ribbing, live with the pressure, and hope for the best.

*NOTE: Be aware that for this group of people, failing in your new career will forever label you as a schmuck. Live with that, too.


Co-workers - People that you work with

The Reaction - None whatsoever. These people are no longer part of your daily life.

The Recommendation - Get out there and show the world that you have what it takes to be the second best sports better on the face of the earth.