How to Win Big Betting on MLB Streaks

Betting MLB Streaks

Unlike any other sport, baseball is a game dictated by the streak. Every world championship team can look back on a season filled with winning and losing streaks. Every Cy Young Award winner will string together three, four or even five bad starts at some point.

Every batting champion will have a 2 for 28 stretch, or strike out 11 times during a four game road trip. This goes for teams and players at the other end of the spectrum as well. Clubs 30 games out of first place will go on 4 and 5 game winning streaks while backup catchers barely batting their weight will suddenly hit .700 for a two week stint in early August. Recognizing these streaks and incorporating them into your handicapping is a vital part of betting on MLB.

The key is in the number "3". Once a trend, whether upwards or down, reaches a span of three consecutive games (or starts), it can be a good indicator that a player, or an entire ball club, is about to embark on a streak. I have used these statistical streaks to great success in betting on baseball. Knowing how to spot these trends will help you expose numerous underdogs, some with money lines of +150 or more, during the course of a season.

Key Stats to Focus On

I want to point out a couple of streaks that some MLB bettors tend to put far too much weight on.

Streak Breaking Situations

Not only can a MLB bettor bang the book by recognizing streaks, but also recognizing when a streak might come to an end. Here are some key streak breaking situations to look for.


A lot to absorb, I know, but over time, a serious MLB bettor will begin to see these streaks take shape early. You will be able to detect when a viable streak has begun and when it looks like it may be coming to an end. Now, take these pearls of wisdom and go start a streak of your own. A winning streak.