Best Online Slots Sites

Plenty of online casinos offer slot machines, but not many offer quality slot machines. These one-armed bandits are the most popular form of internet gambling and finding the best slots can be challenging with so many options available. Our researchers have meticulously combed through the web to rank the best online slots sites below.

If you enjoy playing slots, we strongly encourage you to try one of these internet casinos. They are all well known for being trustworthy sites and have established solid reputations as being safe and secure. Not only that, they have the best slot machines with the widest variety anywhere on the internet!

Playing Online

Can playing slots online really measure up to the experience you get at a live casino? While it's not quite the same, online slots sites do offer several unique advantages over their land-based slot machine counterparts.

Variety: The best slots sites offer a wide selection of machines. Sure, you'll find plenty of machines in the casino, but many of these are repeats. Online casinos have hundreds of unique options and offer everything from traditional reel slots to progressive jackpot machines, advanced video slots, and many more. When it comes to variety, live casinos are simply outshined by online betting sites.

Cost: Online slot machines are often cheaper to play than those found in brick and mortar casinos. Everything is electronic at gambling sites, which amounts to a lower overhead cost of operation. Without the restrictions of floor space, players have access to a wide variety of low-cost machines that wouldn't be as cost-effective for a live casino. Some online slots can be played for as little as one cent per spin. Don't worry, you'll still find all the jackpots that make slots such a popular casino game.

Speed: Our cyber-based generation has made practically everything a mere click away. Now that online slots sites are commonplace, slots can be played instantly from the convenience of home. This does come as a disadvantage to some, who prefer the electric atmosphere you can only get from the large crowds at a brick and mortar casino. The good news? You will never have to wait in line to play your favorite machines.

Something to keep in mind when gambling at any online casino with slots is to be responsible. Online slot machines operate much faster than live machines and you can lose a lot of money quickly if you aren't careful. We recommend setting aside a predetermined amount you are willing to lose, setting time restraints, and taking breaks regularly to maintain a level head. Check out our slot strategy guide for more detailed advice on playing slot machines.

Slot Machine Jackpots

Online slot machines offer all the same jackpot opportunities as their land-based counterparts. As a matter of fact, the jackpots found online are often better than those at live slot machines. No matter where you play, the three main types of jackpots are progressive, fixed and random.

Progressive jackpots are the ones you will see advertised most often at casino gambling sites. A percentage of every wager at progressive slot machines goes toward the main jackpot, and the jackpot grows progressively larger with each spin until someone wins. It is not uncommon for a slot machine's progressive jackpot to grow to over several million dollars.

Fixed jackpots are not as large as their progressive counterparts, but they can still be very large and are won much more often. Fixed jackpot slots generally allow players to place smaller bets and appeal to much wider audience. These jackpots may be expressed as a fixed dollar amount or as an increment of your bet size. For instance, a 2000 coin jackpot would payout $20 for at a single penny machine but $20,000 for a ten dollar spin.

Random jackpots are exactly as they sound; they are won completely at random. These jackpots can be found at many online slots sites. They are not dependent on hitting a certain sequence of symbols or even betting a specific amount. Each time you spin the reel at one of these online slot machines, you have a chance of winning a random jackpot. You won't find these as often as fixed jackpots, but they are fairly common at online gambling sites.

Getting Started at Slots Websites

The hardest part about getting started is finding a quality online slots website. Our entire company is dedicated to determining which casino sites offer the best slots, so the research has been done for you. Once you choose your site, you're only a couple easy steps away from the action.

First, create an account. This will take you all of a minute. From there, you may be asked to make your first deposit. Gambling sites offer several depositing options with instructions spelled out for you on their website. You can also visit the Cashier section anytime to place a deposit. Don't forget to take advantage of bonus offers, which are available at all of the online casinos we recommend.

At this point it's simply a matter of either downloading the casino software or playing directly from the site with their no-download option. Each of these choices will be prominently displayed on the casino's homepage. If you opt to download the software, you will experience better graphics and have easy access to the slot machines from your desktop. At this point, you're ready to play. Good luck!