Best Online Keno Sites

Already a computer-based casino game, Keno transitioned well into the dot-com boom. In fact, many players have more than welcomed online Keno due to the convenience and privacy that playing on the internet can offer. We have thus seen a surge in the number of online casinos with Keno, which leaves many people wondering: which casino sites are best?

The most important factor in determining where to play any casino game is the gambling site's reputation. Keno is extremely similar no matter where you play, but the rules and payout rates can vary from site to site. In addition to an online casino's reputation, we focus on Keno games with the highest payout rates and rules variations that favor the player. These are the casinos with the absolute best Keno games:

There are plenty of gambling websites that offer Keno, but the sites listed above provide a slightly better experience. You'll find quality graphics and software that really go a long way toward recreating the casino experience at home. All of these sites have excellent Keno games, and you really can't go wrong with any of the online casinos above.

Why Online Keno?

The online Keno rules are no different from live Keno, so you won't have a problem there. The only difference between the two is that the Keno cards are digital. This actually comes as an advantage because the computer automatically marks your card as the numbers are called, eliminating human error and the possibility of missing a spot. Automated tracking also allows gamblers to play multiple Keno cards at once.

While a computerized tracking system is nice, perhaps the main advantage of playing online Keno comes with its convenience. Not everyone lives next door to a major casino, and you can't beat being able to log in to your favorite online gambling site and play Keno whenever you like (not to mention the money you save on gas!). Of course, not actually stepping foot into a live casino does open the door to a potential issue.

Being a lottery style game, it is important that online Keno does not slip from a glamorous casino game to a quick ticket you pick up at a gas station. There is more to Keno than just the numbers; it is an experience. Bringing this experience to your home has been a focus of online casinos. The best online Keno sites have top-notch graphics that do a good job recreating the elegant casino atmosphere.

The only drawback of online Keno sites is missing out on the comps. You know what we mean... free drinks, free food, sometimes even a free room; anything to keep the player gambling. Sure, you'll have to buy your own beer (although you really shouldn't drink when gambling for real money), but the best Keno sites have comps of their own. You can actually rack up VIP points the more you play and trade them in for money. Not a bad deal when the Keno jackpots alone can exceed $100,000.

Keno Site Selection

Online Keno can be an absolute blast to play, but there are a few things to keep in mind before choosing where to gamble. Not all Keno sites are trustworthy, and separating honest sites from the scams is not always easy. The online casinos and gambling sites on this page have established reputations, but you should always use caution no matter when it comes to your personal and financial safety. Plus, the last thing you want is to win a huge jackpot only to have to pull teeth to cash out.

Be weary of promotions that seem too good to be true; in most cases, they are. Most promotions are accompanied with a slue of fine print. This doesn't mean they are not good offers, but remember that there is no free lunch.

Ready, Set, Start!

Are you ready to start playing Keno? Getting started at one of the top Keno sites listed above is easy. Simply click the link to visit the casino's site and sign up. You can even play for free to get the hang of it. Head over to our online Keno strategy page for some tips and advice.

Once you create an account, most online Keno sites will give you the option of either downloading the casino software or playing with their no-download option. If you choose the latter, the casino website will use Flash technology to display the game on your browser. We highly recommend downloading the software, however, because you will experience much better graphics and can play anytime you want without re-visiting the online casino's website.

You can start playing Keno at this point, but to play for real money you will have to make your first deposit. As a new player to the gambling site, you will be eligible for a hefty deposit bonus. These days the sign up bonuses are so huge you can actually double your initial deposit. When playing for real money, please remember to gamble responsibly. Keno is an easy, simple game, but with that simplicity comes frequent betting and the potential for addiction.