Best Online Blackjack Sites

Blackjack has been a casino classic for centuries and is now the mainstay of internet gambling. Many casino sites offer online blackjack, but very few offer quality blackjack tables. We have compiled a list of the best blackjack sites so you can spend less time searching the web and more time at the virtual tables.

The best blackjack websites offer the top blackjack games with a wide range of betting options. The online gambling sites above are well known for their casino games and offer the best real money blackjack in the industry.

You will find hundreds of blackjack sites on the internet, but we strongly encourage you to stick with those recommended here. These online casinos have longstanding reputations as being safe and trustworthy places to gamble. They are recognized worldwide for their secure transactions, honest withdrawals and quality gaming software. Furthermore, all of these casino sites do a great job replicating the experience of playing blackjack in a live casino.

Playing Blackjack Online

Most people enjoy having the entire blackjack table to themselves, which is exactly what happens when you play online. You won't have to play at the pace of the dealer or the other players; you are entirely in control.

The best blackjack sites also have lower table limits that you could never find in a brick and mortar casino. Gambling sites don't have to hire dealers or compensate for expensive floor space taken up by the table, leading to a lower overhead cost. This benefit is transferred to the gambler and allows the site to have very low-stake online blackjack tables.

If you're looking for high stakes blackjack, casino sites have that, too. Online blackjack tables allow you to bet as much as several hundred dollars per hand. If you're an extremely high roller, don't worry; we have never heard of a gambling website turning anyone down who requested them to raise the stakes at a table.

Rules and Strategy

Want a quick recap on the rules of blackjack? Our blackjack rules section covers every aspect of the game from rules and scoring to basic strategy. We even offer a printable blackjack strategy chart that shows you the best mathematical move in every situation.

Strategy plays a larger role in blackjack than any other casino game. The proper strategy can nearly eliminate the casino's advantage, while even a few mistakes can have a significant impact on your odds of winning. View our blackjack strategy guide for detailed information on playing your best blackjack possible. We show you how to handle every possible hand and even cover the effects of different rule variations on your odds of winning.

You can always find standard US blackjack, but many online casinos also have several game variations with different sets of rules. You'll find specific rules for taking insurance, doubling and splitting, and whether or not the dealer hits on a soft 17. Each rule variation affects your odds differently, so be sure to check our blackjack strategy page using the link above.

Blackjack Bonus Offers

The good news is that every one of the best blackjack sites above offers a competitive bonus promotion. The bad news? Most online gambling sites disallow blackjack as a means to clear the bonus. Blackjack is known as an even-money game and, unfortunately, does not usually count toward the bonus's wagering requirements.

There was a day when these bonus restrictions were nonexistent. Online blackjack was often the game of choice to clear the bonus at most gambling sites. However, the casinos soon realized that people were simply signing up at various online blackjack sites, quickly clearing their bonuses, and cashing out, never to be heard from again. Bonus offers are great, but they are not intended to be free money giveaways.

You may find an offer here or there that allows bonuses for blackjack players, but they are rare. We keep an eye out for them, but in the meantime online blackjack seems to be an exception to these promotions. The good news is that following basic strategy can make up for the lack of bonus money by creating one of the lowest house advantages anywhere in the casino.