Best Online Bingo Sites

Bingo is regularly played for real money at online bingo sites. The online version of bingo is no different than the classic game we all played as children, but bingo websites have transformed the game into an exciting online gambling experience. The best bingo sites offer a wide range of huge games with large cash prizes.

Top Rated Bingo Websites

Bingo has been around for quite some time but only recently became available online. Since its debut to the internet, dozens of online bingo sites have emerged that provide real money games. Not all of these sites offer great bingo halls and the best websites are included below:

  • Downtown Bingo
  • USA Bingo
  • Bingo Hall

These are viewed as the best online bingo sites on the web. They are trusted sites that offer a secure gaming environment and a wide range of bingo games. The companies that own these bingo websites have been around for a long time and have established solid reputations among the online bingo industry. New bingo halls pop up all the time, but until their integrity can be established it is best to stick with more long-standing sites when playing for real money.

Once safety is established, we look to the size of the online bingo site. Bingo is a multiplayer game and the best bingo sites have a large number of active players that make it easy to jump into a game at any time. Not only will there be more bingo games available, but more bingo players mean the bingo games are larger, which can result in more prize money.

Smaller bingo websites aren't necessarily poor places to play, but you may experience longer wait times for the games to accumulate enough players to start. There may also be less variety. You shouldn't have any problem if you play at any of the top rated bingo websites above.

Playing Bingo Online

After you decide on a bingo site, getting started is as easy as creating an account and making your first deposit. You can then buy a card and dive right in to any bingo game ready for play. A great feature of playing bingo online is the ability to play multiple cards and in several games at once.

The rules of bingo are the same whether you play online or off, but online bingo sites have a few advantages not found elsewhere. Players can use the "auto-daub" feature that will automatically mark their card as the numbers are called. This is especially nice in real money bingo games because it eliminates the chance of accidently missing a number and, ultimately, the prize money. Similarly, the best bingo websites have an "auto-bingo" option that keeps track of your card and automatically declares bingo when you win.

Online bingo sites typically offer 75-ball or 90-ball game varieties, often both. You will also find a wide range of games that range from traditional single-line bingo, to blackout games, pattern games and many more. Generally, the larger the bingo site, the more games there are available.

Bonus Offers

Bingo sites are just like poker sites and online casino in that they offer bonus incentives to new players. These bonuses often have fine print attached so be sure to read the terms and conditions of your bingo site.

There a few types of bonus promotions available at most quality bingo halls. Deposit match bonuses are usually given as a percentage of your initial deposit. For example, a 100% match means the bingo website will match your first deposit dollar-for-dollar.

There are also reload bonuses that work the same way, but are applied to your subsequent deposits. They are also smaller than the initial deposit match. Some sites also have no-deposit matches, sometimes referred to as free bonuses. These allow you to play bingo at no risk, but usually cannot be cashed out.

Bingo Chat Games

A unique aspect of online bingo halls is their social atmosphere. Bingo is a very communal game and players often chat among one another while playing. In fact, it is not uncommon for online players to develop friendships and play together regularly.

The best online bingo sites take the social element a step further by offering chat games. These chat games are basically mini-games take place in designated areas while your bingo game is being played. Chat games help pass the time and can even have prizes of their own. For example, there may be prize money awarded to the first person who answers a trivia question. The rules vary at different bingo halls, but they are straightforward and explained in the chat area.

You won't get rich at online bingo chat games, but they add a lot to the overall experience. At the very least they can keep you engaged if you go through a streak of bad luck. Most players really enjoy chat games so we look for these when determining the best online bingo sites.

Online Bingo Strategy

Bingo is a game of luck and as such does not offer much room for strategy. There are some things you can do to improve your odds of winning and get the most out of your online bingo experience. You can read through our online bingo strategy section for helpful advice and tips.