Slots Strategy Guide

Slots have been the most popular casino game for years. Slot machines line the floors of nearly every major live casino and exist in countless varieties at most online casinos. There is no shortage of excitement with this game, but the house edge can snowball out of control without a plan.

The average return of slot machines is around 98%. Even though this is a competitive rate when compared with many other gambling games, the casinos make a fortune off of slots. The reason is due to how rapidly money is wagered, known as the "churn." Gamblers frequently win small amounts of money but play so quickly that their bankroll is rapidly depleted.

This does not mean that slot machines should be avoided; in fact, they can be wildly entertaining. Players should simply appreciate the house advantage and accept them for what they are: a form of entertainment. Although you cannot change your odds of winning, there is some strategy that should be applied to get the most out of your money when playing slots.

Pick the Right Machines

Not every slot machine has the same return. Rather than applying strategy at a single machine, your best bet is to compare various slot machines and play at the ones with the highest payout rates.

Finding which casino slots return the most money is as easy as running its name through a search engine. If you want to play slots on the internet you can also check out our recommendations for the best online slots sites where we have done the research for you and found which online casinos offer the best machines. Gambling sites that offer large deposit bonuses can put you ahead of the game right from the start.

In addition to the payout rates, you may want to consider progressive slot machines. These machines take a portion of every spin and add it to a progressive jackpot until someone wins it. Progressive jackpots can be huge, some even as high as millions of dollars!

Number of Reels

The number of reels can also affect how you play. Slot machines typically come in 3, 5 or 7 reels. Three reel slots have less possible combinations, which leads to less betting possibilities and ultimately makes your money last longer. The trade off is that winnings are not usually as large as at the higher reeled machines.

One the other hand, 7 reel slot machines allow to bet more per spin and offer a much larger prize pool. However, even though the jackpots are higher, a larger number of betting variations means you have less chance of hitting the jackpot. Most progressive slot machines have seven reels.

Five reel slots let you stay in the middle of the road. You can win more money than 3 reel machines but do not have to bet huge amounts. The number of reels you choose is a matter of personal preference.

Bet Size

The amount you bet directly determines your profit potential. Small bets will make your money last longer, but the winnings will be smaller as well. If you can afford it, you stand the best chance for huge prize money if you bet the maximum during each spin. This should be exercised with caution, though, as the costs can add up quickly.

It is worth noting that the enormous jackpots at progressive slots are often only available when the maximum amount is bet.

Ignore Slot Machine Myths

There are plenty of myths out there concerning slot machines and they are all best ignored. These "strategies" are based of speculation and wishful thinking with no merit whatsoever. Common slot machine myths are listed below.

Myth #1: Slot machines payout better during certain times of the day. This is simply untrue. Slots are controlled by computerized random number generators and each spin is an independent random event. An individual machine is never "due" to win.

Myth #2: You can time your spins to win. This is also false. Again, spin results are controlled by the random number generator. The results are not on a spin cycle that can be controlled by timing; results are determined after the bet is placed and the spin is started.

Myth #3: Warm your quarters before you play. This is just ridiculous; we were shocked to even hear this myth existed.

Quit While Ahead

As with any gambling game, if you catch a nice win it may be a good time to walk away. Casinos make so much money off of slot machines because people continue to play after a big win and eventually lose the money back.

It is worth mentioning that quitting while ahead is not the same as playing until you win. The odds are ultimately stacked against you and you may never catch that big win. Once you have lost the money you planned to spend, call it a day whether you have won or not.

Enjoy Yourself

The best advice anyone can apply when playing slots is to have a good time. Everyone knows the casino has an advantage and you will be much better off if you simply enjoy yourself rather than taking slot machines too seriously. At the end of the day, a sound money management system will work much better than any slots strategy. Money wagered when gambling is the cost of entertainment; any winnings are merely a bonus.