Keno Strategy and Tips

Keno is a lottery-style game based entirely on chance so there is no way to change the odds of winning any single game. Instead, due the random nature of this casino game, Keno strategy focuses on the overall picture. A careful combination of game selection, number choice and money management will go a long way in achieving the best overall result.

Number of Spots

The first step when playing Keno is to decide how many spots to play on your scorecard. The number of spots will determine your likelihood of winning. If you select more numbers, you will have more hits but you will also be required to hit more numbers for a payout. Fewer numbers will catch less often but do not require as many hits for a payout.

The house edge is similar for any number of spots you choose, but picking more numbers tends to extend the game and can be a bit more exciting. It is a matter of person preference, but at the end of the day the odds are stacked against you and entertainment value should play a major role in your decision.

Best Keno Games

Keno lounges are usually similar at most live casinos, but there are other factors involved with online Keno. You can play Keno at many online casinos but you should stick with reputable sites that offer competitive promotions. Finding the best Keno sites can go a long way in your overall online gambling experience.

Number Selection

There are dozens of systems out there for picking numbers, but do not make the mistake of falling for these. The Keno machine will always give out random numbers and no number is more likely to hit than any other. For example, you are just as likely to win with five random numbers as you are with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Some Keno players keep track of which numbers have hit recently and make selections based on which numbers are due to hit. This strategy is also false, since every Keno game is independent from one another and past results do not influence future outcomes. It is just as likely for the machine to pick the exact same numbers twice in a row as it is to pick any other random combination.

Bet Size

Keno bets range from one to five credits at most online casino sites. Small bets are ideal for a limited bankroll, but larger bets have the potential for larger winnings. A 5 to 1 payout for a $5 bet is just $25, but with a $25 bet it is $125. Always remember that higher reward comes with higher risk, and even though the excitement level is higher you should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Money Management

Planning to win a bunch of money at the casino is great, but unless you happen to get lucky it is not likely. A smart money management system will ensure you get the more out of your gambling experience. The idea is to pick a plan and stick with it; discipline is key.

One easy way to manage your money with Keno is to predetermine how much you will spend, set your winnings aside, and stop when original amount is gone. At the end of the night, you can keep your winnings and can still potentially walk away with some money.

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