Craps Strategy

Craps can have one of the lowest house advantages, or one of the highest, depending on how you play the game. It is best to follow the recommended strategy in order to limit the house edge and give yourself the best chance of winning. Proper craps strategy can make all the difference in whether or not you walk away a winner.

This article will explain which craps bets offer the lowest house advantage and how you can use these bets to optimize your odds of success. The casino will always have an edge over the players, but this edge can be drastically reduced by following the craps strategy illustrated below.

Which Craps Bets to Place

Craps can be very intimidating if you are not an experienced player. Not only is the game extremely face-paced with a crowd of screaming players, but there are over one hundred bets available. Deciding which bets to place can be overwhelming. Fortunately, the simplest craps bets also have the lowest house edge.

The Pass Line bet is the most fundamental craps bet. This bet has a low 1.41% house advantage and is one of the best bets available anywhere in the casino. The Don't Pass bet is another great option with a 1.36% house edge. Although this craps bet has a slightly better edge, it involves betting against the rest of the table and is commonly referred to as "betting the dark side."

The Come bet is mathematically identical to the Pass bet, but it is placed anytime other than a Come Out roll. Once a Come bet is made, the following roll acts as a Come Out roll. Likewise, the Don't Come bet mirrors the Don't Pass bet, except it is also placed anytime other than a Come Out roll.

Betting on Odds

These four bets - Pass, Don't Pass, Come, and Don't Come - can be further improved by taking or laying odds. Odds bets are essentially side bets that are placed in addition to your original bet after the point is thrown. You will not find this bet marked on the craps table, but you are allowed to make it. Simply place your Odds bet behind the original bet, outside the original betting area on the side closest to you.

Betting on Odds is known as Taking the Odds when the player bets on a point after a Pass or Come bet, and Laying Odds when the player bets against a point after a Don't Pass or Don't Come bet. Odds bets are the best in the casino and have zero house edge.

Since Odds bets have no house advantage, the amount you can bet is limited to a multiple of your original bet. For example, craps with "5x Odds" means you can bet on Odds up to five times your original Pass, Don't Pass, Come or Don't Come bet. The best strategy is to find craps games with the highest limit for taking or laying odds. Online casinos often have higher limits than their land-based counterparts.

Limit Yourself

Craps players have a tendency to stay at the table a bit too long, which is usually due to the low house edge. Yes, the main advantage of this casino game can also be a disadvantage. The reason is that a house edge close to zero can actually create the illusion of success.

When games have good odds, players tend to only lose slightly less often than they win. Another example of this can be seen with slot machines. Players lose their money so gradually that the frequent wins can make it seem like they are actually coming out ahead. While you may fluctuate up and down in the short run, you will eventually lose if you play long enough.

The best craps strategy a player can follow is self discipline. You can limit how much money you will bet or how long you will play, but there should be a plan in place before you even start playing craps. The worst thing you can do is stay at the craps table too long attempting to play catch-up.

Beware of False Craps Strategy

There is no such thing as a guaranteed craps-winning strategy. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either misinformed or lying. Although the house edge can approach nearly zero by placing the proper bets, casinos will always have the advantage. Beware of false craps strategies, and under no circumstances pay for any "can't-miss" craps system.

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