Common Video Poker Mistakes

You'll find video poker games at pretty much every casino in the world, live and online. This is because they are easily among the most popular casino games, for a variety of reasons. They are usually very easy to learn, they generally have quite a low house edge, and they often offer the chance to win big sums of money.

While the simplicity of video poker games is mostly a good thing, it also means players often don't put a lot of thought into what they are doing. Many people assume it doesn't really matter which games they play, or how they play them, but this is not actually true. This assumption leads to players making mistakes that can cost them money in the long run.

In this article we have discussed the four most common mistakes that people make when playing video poker games. Hopefully, the information we've provided here can help you avoid making them yourself.

Playing Low Payout Games

At most casinos you will find a range of different video poker games. Although the basic principle is the same for all of them, each version is unique in its own way. Some may include jokers, for example, or allow certain cards to act as a wild card. The amount you can win for a certain hand also varies from one game to another.

The effect of these differences is that each game has a different overall payout rate. This is very significant, as a lower payout rate means a higher house edge. A higher house edge means you will ultimately lose more money over time, which is obviously a bad thing. A lot of players don't take this into consideration, and just play whichever game they feel like playing.

This is a mistake, and you should always try to play the games which have the highest payout rate. You can find out the overall payout rates of video poker games with just a little bit of research, and this is something which is definitely worth doing.

Not Using Correct Strategy

Like most casino games, video poker games are ultimately games of chance. This means you need a bit of luck on your side if you are going to win. With that being said, it's not all about luck. You do have to make decisions about which cards to keep and which cards to throw away, and this will affect your overall chances of winning.

Each video poker game has a "correct" strategy, and by using the correct strategy you will give yourself the best chance of winning. With some games you can reduce the house edge to an almost negligible figure. The strategies for most games are fairly straightforward, and it's a big mistake not to learn them.

Not Playing Maximum Coins

Not staking the maximum number of coins per hand is a big mistake, and one that is made by a lot of players. This is because, in a lot of games, the overall payout is actually better when playing with maximum coins. The wins tend to be better, in relation to the total stake, so the house edge is effectively reduced.

Obviously you should always do anything you can to reduce the house edge, so playing with maximum coins is something of a must. This is particularly the case if you are playing a game which comes with a progressive jackpot, as you will usually only be eligible for the jackpot if you are staking maximum coins.

Staking Too Much

Although you should always play the maximum number of coins, as we have just stated, you don't have to stake a huge amount per hand. Indeed, staking too much can be a big mistake. If you go on a bad run you can blow through your bankroll very quickly, without giving yourself much chance to land a good winning hand.

Most video poker games allow you to choose the value of a coin you are playing with. This enables you to play the maximum number of coins without staking more than you should for the size of your bankroll. Staking an amount which equates to around one or two percent of your bankroll is probably optimal.

Avoiding the mistakes we've listed here won't guarantee success at the video poker machine. It will, however, improve your overall chances of winning. At the very least you will make your bankroll last longer, and therefore get more entertainment for your money.