How to Win at Slot Machines for Real

Do a search on Google or open up YouTube and type in "How to win at slot machines", or something similar, and you will bombarded with misinformation, scams and ways for unscrupulous people to take your money.

No matter what anyone says, slots machines are never "due". Every spin is random, created by a random number generator when you hit the spin button, and the machine has no memory of what it did last spin, or 20 spins ago, or 1,000 spins ago. You are just as likely to hit a jackpot the spin after you just hit a jackpot as you are to hit one after playing a machine for an hour and not hitting one.

You can't watch a machine and see someone lose $100 or $200 and wait until they get up and jump on the machine for easy money.

But, unlike what you'll find hucksters trying to sell you, there are ways to have an advantage over the house in specific slot machines at very specific times. These opportunities don't come easy and they are few and far between. But, if you happen to come across one as you are gambling, they are definitely worth keeping an eye out for them.

Below are machines that will allow you to win at a much higher rate than normal at certain times. If you see one of the listed machines in the condition needed, play it immediately before someone else just randomly sits down.

Rock Around the Clock Slot Machine

Rock Around the Clock is a slot machine made by Konami. It's a 50's music themed game that has a large clock on the top of the machine. During play, this clock advances in time and when the clock reaches 12:00am a bonus round occurs. The key to this play is to find a game where someone has left the clock at a time later than 9:00pm This could happen if someone has been playing for a while and runs out of money before reaching the bonus round.

On a $0.50 minimum game, it generally takes about $12.50 in play to make the clock move one hour. So at 9:00pm exactly, it will take about $37.50 to get to the bonus round. There are 5 spots in between each hour, so if you divide the $12.50 per hour by the 5 spots, you get about $2.50 worth of money in per in between spot.

So, you can easily do the math at just about any time on the clock. If you can catch a machine at 10:00pm plus one additional spot, you would have 4 spots left until 11:00pm and then 5 spots until 12:00am. That's 9 spots at about $2.50 per spot, or $22.50 until the bonus.

Now not every bonus is going to net you a win, but this method is much, much better than just playing a slot machine randomly. You could put in $22.50 and win back $15.00. But you could also put in $22.50 and win back $200.00. The great thing about this game is that you know there will be a bonus at 12:00am and you will win something back from your money invested.

Ultimate X Video Poker

Ultimate X is a multi-hand video poker machine found in a majority of casinos these days and made by IGT. Most machines offer a 3 hand, 5 hand and 10 hand game in a variety of different variations, such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus, etc. This gives you lots of chances to find a game that gives you a temporary advantage.

When playing Ultimate X, you place an additional wager to qualify for multipliers during the game. The additional wager is equal to the max bet on the machine. So if you are playing a $.05 machine at the 5 credit max for 3 hands, the base game would cost you $0.75, but to play with multipliers it would be $1.50.

When playing Jacks or Better, anytime you get a hand with Jacks or Bet, you earn a multiplier for the next hand. Playing 3 hand Jacks or better, the multipliers are:

  • Jacks or Better - 2x
  • Full House - 12x
  • Two Pair - 3x
  • Four of a Kind - 2x
  • Three of a Kind - 4x
  • Straight Flush - 2x
  • Straight - 7x
  • Royal Flush - 2x
  • Flush - 11x

On any hand that you hit one of the above wins, the next hand will have the corresponding multiplier. So like in the above slot machine description, sometimes people have to leave without taking advantage of this feature. Any hand that has a multiplier is a hand that in the long run will pay out more than 100%. If you could play with multipliers all day, you'd be rich!

To find a machine that has an advantage, you must scroll through all the different game options and on a multi-denomination game, all the denomination options of each game and find games that were left with a multiplier on the upcoming hand. You'll be surprised to find games left with 2x or even 4x times multipliers left waiting to play. On a 5 or 10 hand game, you could even find a couple of multipliers available.

Money Works Slot Machine and Venice Nights Slot Machine

Money Works and Venice Nights are Bally Slot Machines and have 5 reels of play and 30 lines. They are $0.01 games for a maximum bet of $1.50. Although they are two different themes, they both have the same type of game play. I will describe Money Works in this section, but Venice Nights can be played just the same.

Money Works is very similar to Ultimate X in that people can leave when there is an advantage available. When playing Money Works, anytime you get a wild symbol, the next spin the wild drops down one line and remains wild for the next spin. If you get lucky enough to get a wild on the top line, when the wild drops to the middle line, it will also drag another wild from off the top of the screen into the first line, so now you will have one wild on top of another in the top line and middle line. It will do this one more time, having 3 wilds on top of each other on the 3rd spin. The 4 spin will have them all drop, leaving the top line with no wild, but the middle and bottom with one. Then finally on the 5th spin, only the bottom line will have a wild.

As you might be able to guess, if someone leaves a machine with a wild on any spot on the machine, the next spin, and maybe even the next few, will have guaranteed wilds on the screen. If you see a Money Works slot machine with any wilds on the screen, jump on it as fast as you can and play until there are no wilds left on the machine.