How Basic Blackjack Strategy Trainers Work

Blackjack trainers are one of the great ways to develop the skills needed for success at the blackjack tables. These trainers are designed to help any beginner player, and I've found them useful in mastering basic blackjack strategy.

The great thing about a blackjack trainer is that it can be used to learn different game variations. Since many online casinos have multiple blackjack titles, these trainers can be one of the most useful tools in learning new games and becoming a solid blackjack player.

Basic blackjack strategy trainers are designed to play a game for free while teaching the rules and strategies needed for success. These trainers can be found at many online sites for free and there are a variety of apps that can be used for computers and mobile devices. With any blackjack trainer, the goal is to teach the game so that players can master rules and make use of optimal strategy to decrease the house edge.

When using a trainer, there's no cost to play. As the game progresses, the trainer explains the correct choices to be made and also employs basic blackjack strategy. The choices made will differ based on what game variation is being played, but the basic strategy will always remain the same. This is the easiest way for anyone to get started with blackjack and learn everything they need to have a successful outing when games are being played for real money.

The trainer is basically a simulator that displays the game as it is being played online. I have used multiple trainers over the years and have found them to all offer great tips and strategies to improve my game.

Starting with a Trainer

When a trainer is selected, it all begins by selecting the level of expertise. I started with the beginner level, which was a great way to learn the basic rules of each variant being played. Then, the actual game title will be selected and the training immediately starts. First, the trainer asks for a bet to be placed. Once this is done, the card is dealt and the tips start to appear on the screen.

All of the game decisions will be presented, which can include split, hit, stand, or double. The options that can be used will be highlighted for easy selection. The process of using the trainer is easy. I just have to select the option I feel is the best choice. If the trainer disagrees with this choice, it shows the better option and explains why this should be selected.

When a comment is offered from the trainer, it can be dismissed with a click of the mouse and once the hand ends, it will display whether the hand has been won or lost.

Selecting Trainer Options

One of the great things about using an online trainer is that it provides a chance to alter the game rules and decks that are used. These options are all selected before the game begins. I have the ability to choose whether the dealer will stand or hit on a soft 17, whether the blackjack pays 3 to 2 or 6 to 5, how many decks are in use, whether surrender is an option and if doubling can be used after a split.

It's important to know the rules of the game that will be played as not every variation supports the same options. Once the trainer table is set up, the game begins. The point of the trainer is to provide the chance to employ perfect strategy. All game decisions will be tracked so they can be reviewed for mistakes at a later date.

All basic blackjack strategy trainers offer a strategy chart that can be referenced at all times, which will help in making the right choices. After playing a few hands, it may be beneficial to hide the chart so that it can be memorized. Learning the basic blackjack strategy chart by heart is the key to being a successful player, and these trainers help with the memorization process.

Benefits of Blackjack Strategy Trainers

The main advantage of using a basic blackjack strategy trainer is the practice it provides. These trainers are the best aids in preparing for land based casino gambling or real money gambling at an online casino. The trainer will correct mistakes that have been made and will explain why that option was the wrong one. This amazing educational tool was my first step in learning blackjack and mastering basic strategy.

You can find different levels of education that can be used with a trainer. As a beginner, I would start with selecting all options and having the strategy chart readily available. As I progressed and learned the basic strategies, I chose to play a blackjack simulator. This is the middle ground between the trainer and the real money game.

With a simulator, there's no commentary offered. I had to rely on what has already learned to make the correct decisions. The simulator is a great way to take the final step before placing real money bets. It has let me know whether I am ready to tackle a certain variation online or if I should continue with training and mastering basic strategies.

With any blackjack trainer, there's no risk involved. The games are played for free and as they are played, the trainer educates. This is one of the best ways to become a great player from the start. By offering step by step instructions and information on why hands are played the way they are, the trainer provides a great stepping stone to the world of blackjack and will prepare any new gambler with the tools needed to win and fully enjoy the thrills of the game.


I strongly recommend using a blackjack training program or app. If you're a new player it quickly helps you learn basic strategy an as an experienced player it helps you stay sharp.

Do a quick search for a free blackjack training system and you should be able to get started in just a few minutes. If you spend just 30 minutes a day practicing on the trainer, it'll only take a week or two before your blackjack results start improving.