7 Casino Gambling "Would You Rather" Questions that You Should Answer

Have you ever played the "Would You Rather" game?

Basically, it works like this: a person is presented with two scenarios, and they must choose the one that they prefer. For example, would you rather live a single life that lasts 1,000 years or 10 lives that last 100 years each?

That's all there is to it. There are no special prizes for clever answers; it's basically just a way to pass the time and maybe generate some interesting conversation in the process.

The game even got a movie named after it in 2012, although I wouldn't suggest emulating those events. In the film, a deranged millionaire makes people choose between scenarios such as being drowned and playing Russian roulette. At least it had Sasha Grey, though.

I'm going to present a twist on the Would You Rather game, but I'm going to ask the questions and give my own answers. Hopefully you'll learn a few things, and I encourage everyone to play along at home.

1. Would you rather play slot machines or video poker?

Without a doubt, I would rather play video poker. Sure, the slots are more exciting and have all manner of bells and whistles, but that's largely to distract players from the fact that it has one of the worst overall payouts in the casino.

Video poker, meanwhile, is the rare game where the player can actually gain a mathematical advantage over the casino. This requires the right kind of game, the best possible pay table, and perfect strategy, but dedicated players can find such situations.

I've also grown more solitary over the years, and video poker is the perfect game for hermits and misanthropes. They're situated near enough to the slots to allow you to keep an eye on major events, but you can usually play without being bothered by your fellow human beings.

2. Would you rather play blackjack or slot machines?

In answer to this question, blackjack would be my game of choice. As I've already mentioned, slots are usually one of the worst wagers in any casino. Not only do they drain your money, but I've found the repetitious nature of the games to be a soul-numbing experience.

According to the almighty Wizard of Odds, the house edge on blackjack using liberal Vegas rules is only 0.28%. That's a major improvement over the slots.

I also enjoy the strategic aspect of the game, such as deciding when to split or double down. With slot machines, the player is reduced to the role of a monkey hitting a button in the hopes of receiving a reward.

In the immortal words of Charlton Heston, "I'm a man, not a monkey." Okay, Chuck Heston never said that, but he should've.

3. Would you rather bet on a single number at the roulette table or on black or red?

The roulette table is one of the most exciting places to be in a casino, and I've spent plenty of hours watching that little white ball rattling around the pockets.

The game has a wide array of betting options, which is one of the reasons why it's so much fun. I prefer the European version of the game due to the lower house edge, but even the American version and its 00 pocket is worth a try.

As for the question, I would rather wager on black or red instead of a single number. Here's why:

While a single number offers a much higher payout, the odds of winning are far lower. I'd rather take the wager that's almost a 50/50 proposition.

4. Would you rather play a single-reel slot machine or a multi-payline video slot?

While there are still old-school types out there who prefer playing on single-line slots, I can't picture myself sitting in front of those machines anymore.

Multi-payline video slots are the way to go, and they're superior to their single-line counterparts in almost every way. Just look at a few examples:

5. Would you rather gamble online or at a land-based casino?

This is a tough one. Once upon a time, I would have definitely picked land-based casinos due to their wide selection of games, opportunities for human interaction, and the intangible electricity that always seems to be in the air.

The older I get, however, the more I find that large groups of people tend to irritate me to no end. When I'm stuck in a crowd, I often have mental images of herds of cattle moving through a field.

I think I'd have to choose online gambling, although this might change again in six months or a year. Here are a few of the advantages in my mind:

6. Would you rather gamble at a casino or play the lottery?

I'll admit that I have a personal problem with the lottery, so I'd choose casino gambling every single time. And even if you don't take a moral stance on such matters, you'd still be better off just based on the odds.

Keno is the closest casino game to the lottery, and it carries a house edge from 25% to 30%, and it's still far superior to state lotteries. In fact, every casino game gives you a better chance to win than the lottery.

The hypocrisy of the lottery is what really gets my goat. Some states have outlawed casino gambling in order to "protect" their residents, but they have no problem taking their money when it's going into the coffers of the state.

It also targets the lower economic rungs, as the lottery offers a chance to escape a life of minimum wage hell and join the financially independent. Given the terrible odds, however, it basically serves as a poor tax to further hold down the desperate working class.

7. Would you rather play in Las Vegas or Macau?

For decades, Vegas reigned as the undisputed king of land-based gambling. I've been there over a dozen times, and I've always had a blast.

But then Macau threw its hat into the ring. Catering to international high rollers and gambling-obsessed Asians, it has since passed up Sin City as the biggest gambling destination in the world. In fact, its annual revenue is now five times that of the Vegas Strip.

Since I've never been to Macau, I'd have to choose it. I love Vegas, but there's something novel about a new and mysterious destination. If you decide to make a visit to this special region of China, keep the following in mind:


Hypothetical situations are a lot of fun to talk about, and the "Would You Rather" question game fits nicely into that category. But unlike imaginary situations where you're bedding models and punching out your enemies, the events in this post could very well come to pass.

In addition to learning my preferences in a number of theoretical situations, I hope this article also dropped a little knowledge about the world of gambling. Even if it didn't, let me ask you a question: would you rather read this type of article or spend your time doing something that's actually productive?

Yeah, that's what I thought.