The 7 Cheapest Hotels in Las Vegas

Everybody would love to stay in a posh resort complete with numerous amenities during their Las Vegas trip. But if you're on a budget, you should cut back on the 5 star suite and look for more affordable options.

Choosing a less expensive hotel frees up more money for dining, shopping, attractions, and / or gambling. But the question is how can you find the cheapest Vegas hotels?

You can find out below as I discuss seven of the least expensive places to stay in Sin City.

1. Golden Nugget

This is a great spot to stay for two reasons: 1) rooms run as low as $15 to $45 per night, and 2) Golden Nugget is located downtown on Fremont Street.

Considering the price, you can't ask for a better location because Fremont Street offers light shows, concerts, a 12 story zip line, and shopping.

Location isn't the only perk to Golden Nugget because it has its own benefits, including a waterslide, fitness center, spa, and several dining options. It's also easy to appreciate this resort's history because it was opened in 1946.

One more thing to keep in mind here is that Golden Nugget won't hit you with a bunch of resort fees that drive your room prices up.

2. Longhorn Casino & Hotel

Longhorn is definitely not the flashiest hotel in Vegas since it looks more like a flea market on the outside than a casino resort. The location isn't the greatest either because this hotel is on Boulder Highway, away from most of Sin City's best attractions.

But you can't argue with the price since Longhorn Hotel rooms start at $30 with minimal, if any, resort fees.

Amenities include a bar, conference area, pool and spa tub. None of these perks will come anywhere close to what you'd see at the Wynn, MGM Grand or Bellagio, but you'll pay 6 to 10 times less than what these resorts cost per night.

3. Circus Circus

Circus Circus labels itself as "The Best Value on the Strip." I can't argue with them because you get a prime location on the Vegas Strip for as low as $40 per room.

Perks to staying at Circus Circus include a gym, circus acts, three outdoor pools, indoor theme park, conference space, and a shopping mall. Out of these, the indoor theme park is especially impressive because it features a roller coaster, big slide, and bumper cars.

This all sounds like a dream for $40 per night. But the catch is that Circus Circus charges resort fees so ask about this before handing over your credit card.

4. Stratosphere Casino & Resort Hotel

Located at the northern end of the Vegas Strip; the Stratosphere gains attention for standing 1,149 feet, making it the tallest freestanding observation tower in the US.

The Stratosphere takes full advantage of its height, featuring a ride called Big Shot that shoots you to the top of the needle. You can also ride a speedy elevator that takes you to the observation tower in just 30 seconds.

Amenities at the Stratosphere include live entertainment, games for kids, restaurants and an outdoor pool on the hotel's eighth floor. Perhaps the best part of all this is that you can find Stratosphere rooms for just $40 to $50 per night.

5. The Downtowner Las Vegas

As the name implies, The Downtowner puts you in the heart of downtown, where you're just a short walk from Fremont Street, the Mob Museum, Neon Museum and Golden Nugget. You might also appreciate the look of this building, which is reminiscent of a Miami style hotel.

But the best part is that Downtowner rooms run as low as $35to $40 a night.

The downside is that The Downtowner is as basic as they come in Las Vegas, with small, plain rooms and a pool that looks like it belongs in somebody's backyard.

If you can get past the lack of sophistication, though, this hotel gives you a cheap way to experience Downtown Las Vegas.

6. Excalibur Hotel & Casino

Excalibur lives up to its name by featuring large castle towers on the outside coupled with a medieval jousting show during dinner.

Even if you could care less about the theme, Excalibur offers other perks such as an arcade, spa, four pools, a fitness center, and several restaurants.

Another aspect to like about this casino resort is its location because Excalibur is located on the southern part of the Vegas Strip, with pedestrian bridges linking it to the Tropicana and New York New York.

Rooms at Excalibur run as low as $50, which seems like a steal. However, you'll be charged resort fees for amenities so watch this closely.

7. Luxor Hotel & Casino

The Luxor is easy to spot because it's in the shape of a pyramid. And you can stay in this Egyptian themed casino for as little as $50 per night if you do some comparison shopping.

The stay is worth it when you consider that Luxor offers a fitness center, salon, pool, spa and wedding chapel. You can also watch famous performers here such as the Blue Man Group, Carrot Top, and Criss Angel.

The only catch is that Luxor is another resort that tacks on fees, meaning you'll want to watch your bill.


Las Vegas is often thought of as an expensive tourist destination where your dollar won't stretch far. But you can visit Sin City for cheap, and it all begins with choosing a hotel room that won't cripple your budget.

If you could care less about amenities and just want to experience Vegas, then Longhorn, The Downtowner, and Golden Nugget are three hotels that will save you major money.

Excalibur, Circus Circus, Luxor, and the Stratosphere can be more expensive due to potential resort fees. But these are still excellent values if you want some luxury without paying high prices.

Combine a cheap hotel room with low priced airline tickets and reasonable dining options, and you won't have to spend much at all on your Las Vegas trip.