7 Best Restaurants for Vegetarians in Las Vegas

As a city with over 2,000 restaurants, Las Vegas offers something for everybody's taste buds. This includes vegetarians because Vegas has restaurants that are either dedicated exclusively to meatless dishes or at least veggie friendly.

But with so many dining choices throughout Sin City, how to you find quality vegetarian restaurants?

Find out here as I cover seven of the top Vegas restaurants for vegetarians.

1. Komol

Located just off the northern end of the strip on Sahara Avenue, Komol restaurant specializes in vegetarian Thai food. Given that Komol specializes in vegetarian dishes, they have numerous options to choose from.

Lunch specials include Pad Thai noodles, curry, eggplant with black bean sauce, hot green peppers, Panang Curry, Pad Prik King, fried rice, and chow mein. Keep in mind that these are some of the cheapest vegetarian options in Las Vegas, with many lunch specials costing less than $7.

The dinner menu includes bean thread noodle soup, bean sprouts, chow fun pan fried noodles, Gluten Sukiyaki Thai consisting of noodles, napa cabbage, bean cake sauce, and green onions, Papaya Pad consisting of tofu, bean sprouts, green onions, and rice noodle soup, and green onions.

2. Veggie Delight

If you're into Chinese and / or Vietnamese food, then Veggie Delight is a good place to try because their entire menu is vegetarian. You can also make any meal vegan for $1 to $2 more.

Some of the options that you can expect here include noodles, tofu, soups, sandwiches, juices, and tea. Many of these dishes are made with faux meats that will make you feel like you're breaking your vegetarian lifestyle.

The only downside is that Veggie Delight is located several blocks off the Vegas Strip on Wynn Road. This isn't in walking distance from most resorts or attractions, but it's worth the drive if you're craving Asian food.

3. Hussong's Cantina

Hussong's Cantina is famous for inventing the margarita and being the first cantina in Mexico. But in Las Vegas, this Mexican restaurant is noted for offering a full vegan menu.

Some of the items on Hussong's vegan menu include grilled corn with sour cream, fajitas with Gardien Chick'n Strips, corn masa boats filled with beans and Gardien Beefless Tips, Caesar salad with grilled tortilla strips, and a breakfast quesadilla with vegan eggs.

Aside from offering plenty of quality dishes, Hussong's is also easy to find since it's located in Mandalay Bay. Given that Mandalay Bay is near the McCarran International Airport, Hussong's Cantina is a great place to stop right when you get into town.

4. Bronze Café

Bronze Café caters to both vegans and vegetarians with a variety of coffees, desserts, sandwiches and smoothies.

Some of the different lunch/dinner items on their menu include California Tofurky (oven roasted tofurky and veggies), Tree of Life Pita (roasted red peppers, cashew crema, Brazil nut crumble), Guac & Mole (vegan mole, cucumber, avocado) and the Whoop Whoop (tofurky, avocado, red onion, mixed greens).

For dessert, you can try chia pudding, coffee cake, scones, vegan cheesecake and Fruity Pebbles cookies.

The location of Bronze Café isn't great since it's on Maryland Street, which runs along the outskirts of Downtown Las Vegas. But this is at least within walking distance if you're staying in the downtown area.

5. VegeNation

VegeNation only serves plant based food, making it good for vegans and vegetarians alike. Also worth mentioning is that this restaurant grows their own herbs and uses many local fruits and vegetables.

Notable dishes here include Asian bao buns, dumplings, Fruit Loops salad, Get over the Hemp gluten free pasta, arugula chili with cheese, and Out of Africa yam stew.

VegeNation is already creating a buzz because it's one of the newer vegetarian restaurants in Vegas. And it has a good location on Carson Street, just blocks from the Fremont Street Experience.

6. Slice of Vegas

Mandalay Bay must be angling for vegetarians/vegans because, in addition to Hussong's Cantina, they also house Slice of Vegas.

This is an Italian restaurant where you'll find many traditional dishes like subs, pasta and pizza with a vegetarian twist. Examples include Buffalo Chick'n pizza, curry pizza, meatless pasta, salads with bread cubes and meatless meatball subs.

You can even make your own pizza using a variety of vegetarian ingredients like eggplant, garlic, zucchini and mushrooms. Also don't forget to try some of the desserts like chocolate cake, cheesecake and zeppoli.

7. Garden Grill

The Garden Grill makes some of the best vegetarian sandwiches in Vegas, including the Philly Cheeze Steak, Crispy Chick'n Grilled sandwich, BBQ pulled Jackfruit sliders and a vegetarian Reuben.

Garden Grill offers more than just sandwiches, though, since they also have Chick'n teriyaki tacos, beer battered avocado tacos, beer battered mushrooms, potato rolled tacos, squash blossom with a roasted poblano quesadilla.

This restaurant features delicious soups as well like Pozole with beefless tips, shredded cabbage, red onions and Albondigas consisting of meatless meatballs, rice, zucchini.

The only catch is that the Garden Grill is located on Rampart Boulevard, which is seven miles from the Vegas Strip and even farther from downtown. But if you're headed to Red Rock Canyon from either of these locations, Garden Grill isn't too far out of the way.


One of the best things about visiting Las Vegas is that they offer so many fine dining choices for vegetarians. But if you want to save yourself some research on Vegas vegetarian options, be sure to visit the seven restaurants that I discussed above.

Komol, Veggie Delight, and VegeNation are good spots if you want Asian vegetarian food. Hussong's Cantina gives you a Mexican option while Slice of Vegas offers meatless Italian food. And the Bronze Café and Garden Grill make delicious sandwiches, soups and other dishes.

If you're a major foodie, you might want to try every restaurant on this list during your Vegas trip. But if you can only make it to one or two, I highly recommend Komol and Veggie Delight.