The 7 Best Hotels in Las Vegas

The 7 Best Hotels in Las Vegas

Part of the fun with any Las Vegas trip is experiencing everything that your hotel has to offer. Luxury suites, pools, spas, hot tubs, shopping, and room service are just some of the amenities that you can enjoy in your Vegas hotel.

But what resorts are the best of the best when it comes to amenities and great service?

You can see below as I cover seven of the top hotels that you'll find in Las Vegas.

1. Mandarin Oriental

This hotel doesn't get as much buzz as other Vegas resorts because it doesn't include a casino, instead concentrating on offering elegant rooms with Asian décor.

The views of the Vegas Strip are excellent from many of Mandarin Oriental's rooms, and you can enjoy a serene pool, luxurious spa, and two restaurants in this resort. Mandarin Oriental's service also gets strong ratings from the bellman to the maids.

The only catch is price because even the cheapest rooms will run you $230 and more. But if you're willing to spend for the hotel experience, then you can't do any better than Mandarin Oriental.

2. Encore at Wynn

Encore was built three years after its sister hotel, the Wynn, and it offers larger rooms and a more modern feel. The improvements filter down to the spa and fitness center, which are also upgrades on the older Wynn.

But where Encore really shines is its rooms, which are suites featuring lounge areas, floor to ceiling windows, huge bathrooms and bedside controls for the drapes.

As if this isn't enough, Encore guests can also use the Wynn golf course, which is the only 18 hole course on the Vegas Strip. Prices are fairly reasonable for all of this because you'll find rooms as cheaply as $160 per night.

3. Cosmopolitan

Many Vegas resorts go for the classic opulent look, but not Cosmopolitan. Instead, this hotel features a modern, sleek look that incorporates technology into many facets of your stay.

Rooms include controls that allow you to adjust lighting, music, temperature, and even make restaurant reservations.

The lobby is also impressive because you'll see pillars that offer light shows and other cool displays as you walk towards the check in desk. Speaking of which, you use iPads to check in and out of the hotel.

One more thing to like about Cosmopolitan is the prices because they start at $140 per night.

4. Skylofts at MGM Grand

We should note right away that Skylofts – MGM Grand's most luxurious suites – are not budget friendly. In fact, you'll pay up to $1,000 per night for one of these rooms.

But if you can get past the price, then you'll really appreciate these posh suites, which offer 2 to 3 bedrooms, a pool table, two stories, a big lounge, and appetizers and cocktails on the 29th floor.

You'll also have access to some of the best restaurants in Vegas, including Hakkasan, Wolfgang Puck, Tom Colicchio's CraftSteak, and Joël Robuchon.

Assuming the price drives you crazy, note that you can always get a 3 bedroom Skyloft with friends / family and split the bill.

5. Palazzo Resort

Similar to the Encore / Wynn setup, Palazzo is the more elegant version of its sister hotel, the Venetian.

Palazzo rooms are decorated in red velvet material, and your lounge area contains a large L shaped couch and other furniture.

The rooms are certainly nice, but the Palazzo's best attribute is all the different amenities that it offers. You'll enjoy the 134,000 square foot Canyon Ranch Spa, a rock climbing wall, Finnish sauna, fitness studio, cycling center and an indoor igloo.

Prices are high for the Palazzo, starting at $220 a night and you'll have to pay $40 per day for the Canyon Ranch Spa.

6. Bellagio

Bellagio offers a little something for everybody, from the Dancing Fountains spectacle outside to Vegas' premier high stakes gambling tables inside.

Prominent features of the Bellagio include an 8.5 acre lake, indoor botanical garden, two private high stakes casino tables, Italian courtyard, boutique stores, and top rated restaurants like Jean Georges Vongerichten's Prime Steakhouse and Le Cirque.

The rooms feature lounge areas, soaking tubs, and granite countertops, all of which make for a pleasant stay. Bellagio room prices are also reasonable when compared to other hotels, with rooms starting at $160 a night.

7. Four Seasons Las Vegas

You'll find Four Seasons between the 35th and 39th floors of the Mandalay Bay Resort.

Visitors here will enjoy a quiet pool area, sleek mini bar, Art Deco room decor, marble floored bathrooms, and a large spa. One other perk to staying here is that you can bring your pets at no additional charge.

Room prices at Four Seasons are average for a resort since they begin at $200 a night. The only problem we can see is that Mandalay Bay is at the south end of the Vegas Strip, forcing you to either walk insane distances or frequently take transportation to reach Sin City attractions.

If you can deal with the location, then Four Seasons offers good value for the price.


You really can't go wrong with many of the resorts in Las Vegas, especially if you're not used to staying in hotels anyways. The service at most of these places is good, and you can enjoy amenities that will make your stay even better.

But if you really want to escape from reality and live in the lap of luxury, then you can't go wrong with the seven casinos that we've listed here.

Mandarin Oriental, Skylofts, and the Palazzo are good hotels if you're willing to pay more for luxury and top notch amenities. Encore, Cosmopolitan, Four Seasons, and Bellagio also offer you style and class with cheaper room rates.

It really comes down to your budget and how much you value your time in the hotel. Look at what you'll be spending in other areas of your Vegas trip and then decide how much you can put towards your resort stay.