5 Things Casinos Do That They Don't Want You to Know

The casino business is a multi-billion dollar business. Anything that big didn't get that way by accident. With experience, trial and error and skillful professionals running things, casinos know exactly what players tend to like and not like. They know what makes them play more and what tends to make them want to leave.

You might think that slot machines are just placed randomly or that the restaurant was put where it is because that's where they found some room. In most casinos that is about as far from the truth as you can get. Just about everything is where it is or how it is for a reason. And that reason is money. The following 5 things are tricks that casinos really don't want you to know.


Casinos Are Intentionally Set Up to Make You Pass Slot Machines

Everything is set up so you have to pass slot machines no matter where you go. Need to go to the bathroom? It's in the back or along the edges of the gaming floor. Hungry? Sure we have food, it's way over that way, just past that bank of slot machines. Slot machines pay the bills in a casino. Depending on the casino 60 - 95% of revenue comes from slot machines. If the casino can get you to walk by machines that might catch your interest, they will. They are hoping a Wheel of Fortune, Orange is the New Black or Walking Dead machine catches your eye.


Casinos Avoid Creating Straight Walkways

Have you ever noticed that casinos never have straight lines of machines or walkways? That's not by accident either. Straight lines make it easier to see where you are going or how to get out. Getting out is not exactly what the casino wants you to do. Machines and the floor in general are usually set up as if you were going through a corn maze. Lots of turns and no view of the exit until you get out. The casino does not want you to see the exit while you are playing.


Casinos Use Specific Lighting to Make You Gamble More

Millions of dollars are spent on lighting to get you to gamble more. Lights are an amazing factor of how and why people gamble. Many, many hours of research and millions of dollars are spent to get the lighting just right. Ceiling lights are custom made to simulate the lighting in a house. The casino wants you to feel right at home when gambling. And in addition to the lights in the ceiling, all the rest of the lights, from the lights in the slot machines, to the lights in the bars, to the decorative lights all around the casino, are all made to want you to gamble more. Flashing lights, spinning lights and bright lights in general give the illusion of winning. Next time you are in the casino, look how many slot machines have lights on the top part of the slot machine that blink or rotate around, even when the machine isn't being played or is being played but not paying out on a win. The lights in a casino set the mood for and keep the players gambling.


Slots and Table Games Intentionally Make You Feel Like you "Almost Hit the Jackpot"

Slot machines and table games are specifically designed to give you near misses. Players love to talk about how they almost won a jackpot or were so close to a bonus round. That's done on purpose. Slot machines do not land on spots randomly. The second you push the spin button, the machine knows the results. The spinning of the reals is for show. And the 7 on the first reel , 7 on the second reel and the 7 just missing on the third real is a ploy to keep you playing longer. How can you leave when you almost hit a jackpot? Some story in table games. Games like Pai Gow Poker and High Card Flush specialize in near misses. You're always just a card away from a straight flush. The chances of hitting a Straight Flush are rare, but with 7 cards dealt to you, you're going to have a near miss every few hands.


Casinos Would Be Disgusting Without Full-Time Janitors

Casinos are constantly cleaning for a reason. If not for the 24/7 cleaning by a full-time staff and at many casinos a team of bio-hazard experts, you would be playing and walking through a cesspool of germs, uncleanliness and human waste. Believe it or not, in a large casino someone pees in their chair just about every day. Players sometimes go days without showering. Intoxicated players throw up on the floor, sick people sneeze all over machines and touch playing cards and players with communicable diseases roam the floors. This is why you can almost never be in a casino and not see people cleaning. It's a thankless job for low pay, but the cleaners are the reason you don't get sick and/or die every time you visit a casino.