12 Tips to Becoming a Better Keno Player

12 Tips to Becoming a Better Keno Player

The game of keno is an interesting casino option, as it can put the player through a gauntlet of emotions within a relatively small window of time. The objective, of course, is to correctly predict the numbers drawn randomly by the house, with payouts based on the percentage of matches.

As each number is selected, the tension level continues to rise. For some, it's the growing excitement that they've managed to pick a perfect combination. For others, it's the sinking feeling that not a single selection is correct. By the time the series of digits has been revealed, it's not unusual to see participants coated with a thin layer of sweat and frantically clenching their fists to avoid a full-on nervous breakdown.

If you're tired of being put through the emotional wringer, I suggest taking a look at these 12 keno tips for winning more often. While they might not improve your overall odds, they should allow you to maximize the length of a gaming session and ensure that your enjoyment level is as high as possible.


Don't Obsess about Numbers

To win at keno, you'll need to predict the correct numbers in the upcoming drawing. Some players have all manner of systems for this, including picking lucky numbers, consecutive digits, or even numbers that haven't come up in a while. I'm here to tell you that it doesn't matter, as each number has the same mathematical chance of turning up.


Know Keno Rules and Variants

The rules of keno are simple, but there are still players who attempt to jump in without knowing what's going on. The same applies to variants of the game, where slight fluctuations in the rules can mean the difference between winning and losing. Before you risk any cash, always make sure you have a solid grasp of what's expected of you.


Limit Your Numbers

Keno allows players to choose the quantity of numbers for a ticket, and some offer options as high as 20. Keep in mind that you're being paid for the percentage of correct guesses, which is why you should always limit your number to eight or less. Here's why: the odds of getting all eight numbers is 1 in 230,000, but moving up to nine results in a massive increase of 1 in 1,300,000. The math doesn't lie, folks.


Bankroll Management

Before you start a session, determine the size of your bankroll, which is the cash earmarked just for online gambling. If this amount ever drops to zero, stop playing until you've managed to once again acquire enough for another try. I like to keep track of winnings separately, which means I might deplete my initial bankroll and still walk away with a tidy profit.


Keep Your Cool

Given the terrible house edge, a lot of players can lose their temper while playing keno. This leads to chasing losses, which often results in gamblers losing more than they initially intended. If you want to avoid becoming one of these unfortunate souls, always maintain an even temperament and don't let the inevitable losses get to you.


Play for Fun

Considering the long odds that keno brings to the table, the smart player isn't going to get too hung up on winning. Instead, I suggest an emphasis on overall fun, with the understanding that any monetary successes are viewed as nothing more than an unexpected bonus. Sure, this might sound defeatist, but anyone who gets too serious about a game with a 20% to 40% house edge is setting themselves up for a possible coronary.


Keep a Leisurely Pace

Some players try to get in as many games of keno in an hour as possible, but this is a good way to rapidly burn through your bankroll. Instead, don't be afraid to take frequent breaks and set a slow pace. This allows your cash reserve to last longer, and it also gives you a chance to savor any possible wins.


Play Keno Online

While the house edge for online keno isn't great, it's much better than what you'll find at brick-and-mortar casinos. There's also no physical ticket to keep track of, so you won't have to worry about losing the one piece of evidence that links you to a major win. If you want to give yourself the best chance of making a profit at keno, the virtual option is always the most desirable.


Find the Best Site for Virtual Keno

Not all online casinos are created equal. Due to this fact, you should always conduct careful research to ensure that your gaming establishment of choice provides strong customer service, fast payouts, and a wide variety of keno options. The sign-up bonus offers can also vary a great deal, so don't be afraid to shop around before opening an account.


Choose the Real Money Option

While playing free keno can be an enjoyable way to pass the time, you'll always end the session with nothing to show for it. While getting 10 out of 10 numbers on a free game would be cool, it would also be slightly horrifying once you realized how much you could've won on a real money game.


Watch for Progressive Jackpots

If you want to strike it rich, track down a keno game with a progressive jackpot. The odds of winning such a prize are terrible, but the same could be said of any regular keno drawing. If you're going to be slapping Lady Luck in the face to begin with, you might as well give yourself a shot at some long-term financial independence in the process.


Avoid Keno

At the end of the day, keno is a sucker's bet with the worst house edge in the casino. If you truly want to be a smart gambler, your best course of action is to avoid the game entirely. While this might not sound like a profitable strategy, sometimes you can win simply by not losing.


I hope you've enjoyed this list of 12 keno tips for winning more often. Just keep in mind that the game relies on pure chance, which means there's little that can be done to increase the success rate of the player. However, by managing your bankroll, picking a reputable casino, and not taking things too seriously, you should be able to enjoy yourself, regardless of the outcome.